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caps lock light error code?


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caps lock light error code?

  • I'm getting what I believe to be an error code of some kind where I power my laptop on, it flashes the caps lock indicator light for a few seconds, then powers off by itself. Details are below.

    On my inspiron 4150, it bluescreened a few days back. Since then, if it has been off for several minutes, it will boot and then freeze at some random point but within a minute or so. This can happen at any point from the boot menu to within windows. However, after it freezes, if I turn it off and then back on, it powers up, blinks the caps lock indicator light for a few seconds and then powers down. I'm guessing this must be some kind of error code. Because the error can happen before windows is done loading, I'm thinking it could be hardware related.

    Thoughts would be appreciated...

    KC Braunschweig
  • I'm having the same problem with my Inspiron 600m. It just began last night, same problem. It froze last night out of nowhere, I restarted and it froze again within a minute or two. After that when I tried to power on the Caps Lock light would flash a few times and then everything went off.

    I checked the manual and see nothing about this error code. Does anyone know what this could be? I tried calling tech support but have been on the phone for about an hour now.



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  • No thanks to Dell's tech support, I think I may have figured this out. I got it to boot long enough to run some dell diagnostics, but didn't find anything even with the extended tests.

    On a guess, I started pulling out RAM to see if I had a bad memory module. I had 2 dimms, 1 128MB and 1 512MB. Removing the 128MB stick seems to have resolved the problem, so I'm guessing theres a bad spot on it. Lucky me that its the smaller one of the two. Time to buy another 512 :) Still giving it a bit more time though to see if the problem resurfaces with that stick removed as a double check.


    PS - Dell support, if you read this, please post documentation of your error light codes or if it is there, make it easier to find. Even apple has that kind of info on their support site. I've been a dell supporter for a while and I expected better.
  • Update:

    Apparently the Cap Lock blink means bad CPU/Motherboard. It's likely considering how hot the laptop gets when it's running so I'm not too surprised.

    I thought it could have been a memory issue too as I was getting memory-related errors last month, but they stopped.

    I HIGHLY recommend any customer buying a new Dell to get the Completecare warranty as long as they can get it for. I've already had to send my system in twice, and the service and repair time is quite acceptable.

    I'll give an update once I get the laptop back.


  • Got the laptop back, and it's working perfectly now... was indeed the motherboard.

    I also got it back in amazing time, mailed it out on Tuesday, got it back today (Thursday). Can't beat service like that, cheers Dell.