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  • I have recently purchased a Sony digital camcorder that requires a "firewire" card to download to my computer. Does Dell have plans to be able to connect my Inspiron 7000 to the firewire connector or is there any options to be able to download to my computer?
  • Lundinheimer:

    The Inspiron 7000 does not have a built-in IEEE-1394/firewire port. There are some 3rd party hardware vendors carrying or developing PC card firewire adapters, such as Ariston. Please note that these products are not validated by Dell for use with your system.

    You may also wish to contact Gigabuys ( - they are our Software and Peripherals Telephone Superstore and sell components from other vendors for our Dell systems. While Dell does not support these items, Gigabuys representatives will have more knowledge about your Dell system and be able to guide you more effectively on a peripheral purchase than another retail vendor would.


  • I guess we're in the same situation. Did you solve your problem? what did you buy, if you did?
    thnx+good luck
  • Cynthia,

    I'm the proud new owner of a Dell Inspiron 9100 notebook. My problem is that I can't connect either my iPod nor my digital video camera to the tiny firewire port on the left side of the computer. I've never seen a firewire port that small - both of my desktops have the more "normal" usb-like connector. What do I do?  Thanks for any help you can give me on this one.