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my inspiron 8500 laptop gets way too hot, why?


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my inspiron 8500 laptop gets way too hot, why?

  • hi, i was wondering if anyone can tell me why my laptop gets so darn hot now...i got it last year its a an 8500 wide screen, 2.2 ghz, 512 meg ram, 40 gig harddrive, i cruze alot of internet and play some games....before when i first got it it never got hot even when i would play games but now it gets hot within minutes of cruizing the net, wierd huh... i am afraid of my laptop might fail or get damaged fail by how hot it gets and it gets really hot....please help....
  • Are the fans running properly, and if so, have you tried cleaning the heatsink with an aerosol duster?
  • yes the fans are working i can hear them on and ramp up in speed as the laptop gets for cleaning with aresol how do i do this...
  • The bottom will get hot quite quickly. This is normal.

    Run i8kfangui which is a temperature monitoring program. Post your temps in here.
  • i will try that and post my temps, but i am absolutely sure its getting way too hot, it never got this hot in the gets so hot sometimes the fans are running full blast and the bottom is so hot i cant keep my hand on it for more than a second....ouch
  • I want you to perform the following steps to eliminate the heating problem:

    First of all check your cooling fan if it is working properly and observe the sound.  Then use aerosol duster to clean the heatsink.  After that place your notebook computer onto a smooth horizontal surface and observe the difference in tempeerature for 90 minutes.  Even if that doesnt work use the included dell utilities or drivers cd or to run a complete computer diagnosis with the instructions given there and see if the problem gets solved.  Now here is the plan B if none of these methods work and you dont want to heat up you inspiron 8500 then i would recommend you buying a notebook cool pad or chill pad with at least two to three fans.  Even though i just purchased a new inspiron 8600 i use a cool pad myself for only gaming when the notebook really gets hot.  Being a professional gamer i know that the heat is the enemy and affects many other computer components and therefore i always pay attention to the cooling system.  When you will use one you will be amazed to see the results and it doesnt consume much power as well but make it sure that the size of the cooling pad matches the notebook size. Buy a noiseless cooling pad with medium sized fans and high base and structure.  It wont cost you much but i assure that it will take care of all your notebook heating problems dude if you plug it in usb and let it go all the time as it is noiseless.  For any further questions please e-mail me at  I would me more than happy to answer your questions.

  • David, to answer your question of "how do I do it", there are two screws on the bottom of the fan module.  The fan module is the square plate on the back-left corner of the bottom (if the laptop is sitting in normal user position).  There are four obvious ventilation slots in the module, and one of the rubber feet is attached to it.  There's also an obvious thumb indentation (like on a dictionary) by the module.  (If that doesn't identify it clearly, nothing will!)  Use a small phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws - they're about 1/2" (1.25cm) long, and may get hung in the fan module - go ahead and remove them all the way.  Stick your finger or thumb in the indentation, and lift the module from there, then remove it.  The cooling fins are at the back of the machine in the hole where the fan was.  Blow with canned air (available at just about any computer store, or even at Target or WalMart) through the cooling fins and out the back of the machine.  If you've never cleaned the fins before, you'll probably get a very satisfying plume of dust.  Then use the canned air to blow the caked-up dust off of the fan blades.  Hold the fan stationary as you blow the blades off - you can destroy it by spinning it too fast with the canned air.  Carefully blow out any dust bunnies you can see inside the machine, or use a toothpick to snag them if necessary.  Be careful not to abuse any of the components inside the machine with the toothpick.  To reinstall the fan, insert the two tabs at the back edge of the hole, and pivot it into position.  Reinstall the two screws, and you're done!

    You can also remove the keyboard for a thorough cleaning, but that's a lot more involved.  Good directions here:

    I clean the cooling fins about once a month or six weeks, and remove the keyboard for a good blow-out about twice a year.  Probably a bit more than absolutely necessary, but I hate heat!


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  • Sorry this post may come a little late, but I just came across it.

    I have an i8500 and had the EXACT same concern as you. AFter a little gaming, it would get SOO hot I couldn't put my hand on the bottom of it or it'd get burnt.. ALSO, sometimes it'd get so hot that the keyboard would almost be too hot for me to keep my hands on.

    I got the i8kfangui and set up the Game control temps, and then went to and purchased a Vantec Lap top cooler. At the time, there was only 1 of these, but now there are 3 models... I would recommend the newest one as it will probably fit our wide notebooks better.

    With the fan control, and the vantec lap cool you will be perfectly fine. Mine doesn't get about 50 degrees Celciuse and my gpu stays at about 45 - 55 as well.

    Good luck email with any questions at

    Also, check out under the Dell - General Tab go to the "modding your dell lap top" thread and look for the GPU Cooling MOD. This will also help tremendously.!!!