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How long does it usually take for Dell to ship out their systems?


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How long does it usually take for Dell to ship out their systems?

  • I ordered a Dell Inspiron 8600 notebook on Monday 4/5, and the website says that I should expect to recieve the system on 4/23 at the EARLIEST!!! So I was wondering how accurate this estimation is.  I was also wondering if my 30 days to return the laptop is included in me waiting for the thing to ship?





  • It depends on the configuration you bought, and on the supply of parts to the factory (which is in Malaysia).

    Your 30 days starts from the time of shipment, not the order date.


  • well what I was wondering is if their orders usually come before or after the estimated shipping date....When I ordered the system I didnt select anything that said would delay my shipment...
  • they changed the exchange policy to 21 days now, which $ucks but is still better than any other major computer sellers 14 or 15 day exchange period.
  • I ordered an 8600 (1.7 SXGA+, 512, 128 Radeon, 60GB @7200) on friday 4/9 and the estimated ship date it gave me was 4/28. So I guess there is a backlog or they are short of parts.

    yeah just read about the 21 days return policy...looks like they are heading towards the industry standard of 14 days.

  • that's what i think.  If you would have ordered you system 1 day earlier you would have been in the 30 day return policy they used to have 
  • Generally they ship and arrive before the estimated date, this as been the case with all three systems that I have owned. Recently this has not been the case as there have been significant delays with the i9100 and XPS....... but I see no reason why your i8600 shouldn't shp promptly.


  • Purchased the 8600 six weeks ago, recieved it on the 6th day from order date, way ahead of Dells estimated ship date.
  • I have bought 2 laptops (the 8600 is a replacement for a shocking 8200) and a desktop system. All arrived before the est. ship date.

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