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Battery light flasshes red


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Battery light flasshes red

  • Hi there...
    What does it mean when the laptop is plugged into the AC, and the battery light flashes red and green?

    Thank you very much...

  • Eric24,

    In general, a flashing indicator typically denotes either a problem with the battery or that the battery is too hot. If the battery is hot, remove the battery from the system for some time and try reseating it again. If another similar system is available try using your battery in that system to see if the problem occurs there as well.

    The warranty period for batteries is one year from purchase of the system date. If you are outside that time period, you can purchase a new battery from the Dell Software and Accessories site. If you are within the one year from purchase date, you may want to contact our Mobile Computing Hotline at 800-234-1490 for Government/Education Accounts, 800-822-8965 for Corporate Accounts, or at 800-247-9252 for Direct accounts. You will be connected to a Latitude/Inspiron Technical Specialist who will help you resolve the issue over the phone or arrange the appropriate service. You can also email for assistance.

  • i am getting a similar error.


    i had tried to replace my LCD and it was defective.


    when i reinstalled the original LCD i get a flashing green and red light sequence on the battery light (battery in or no battery and only AC)

    the sequence is: green (pause) green-red-green (pause) green (pause)green (pause)green

    mind you the pauses are milli seconds but are obvious pauses when you not the green-red-green sequence.

    if i attempt to disconnect power source and replug it is one red light.

    the PC no longer turns on.

    what could this be?

  • Hi!There...

    I am having the same issue with my Dell Latitude laptop. The battery light goes..Green ( puause) and then red (blinks/flashes 3 times).

    Do i need a new battery??

    Kind Regards