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Tech specs of Latitude C840??


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Tech specs of Latitude C840??

  • Anyone who can tell me something of the following of the c840?

    -Type of HD, does the motherboard support ATA5? So, can I upgrade the system with an 5400 ata5 disk?

    -USB 1 or 2?

    -Is wireless standard on board or was it an option?

    -IEEE1394 standard on board or also an option?

    Can't find these things nowhere on the site........:(


    Thanx in advance!


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  • According to the Tech manual I have the hard drives supported are

    20 GB / 40 GB / 60 GB all ATA 100 using 20 GB per platter technology.

    The IEEE1394 is integrated on the motherboard and the wireless was an option rather than coming as standard.

    USB is 1

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  • The system supports ATA5 hard drives,  and I currently have an ATA6 drive in my system,  but I am not certain that I am getting the fullest advantage of that.

    The system has USB 1.1,  so you do not have high speed USB (480 Mbps) support without buying a PCMCIA card, or a docking station with a PCI card.

    Wireless is available,  but it is not a "standard feature".  I bought my system without wireless,  and later added a TrueMobile 1300 to it,  so I have 802.11g wireless capability.

    Firewire is standard,  but it is a 4 pin port,  so your ieee 1394 devices will need to provide their own power.  I have a video capture device, a digital camcorder, two hard drives, and a DVD writer attached to my system via the firewire port.  In order to connect them all at the same time,  I have to use an external firewire hub (I have a 6 port Belkin hub) or use a PCI card in my docking station.

    I have a C-Dock II station on my desk at home,  and it has 2 PCI cards in it,  both are Belkin.  One is a 5 port USB2 card,  and the other is a 3 port firewire card.  Both of these cards work great,  and they can power devices from the card,  so I leave my DVD writer, the video capture device, and one of the HD's attached to this card permanently.  When I want to connect the camcorder, or second HD,  I can attach them directly the the notebook,  or daisy-chain them off the existing ports (except the video capture device which doesn't have pass-through capabilities).

    The specs are included in the User's Guide,  which can be found here: You can get there through the "Reference" tab above,  but I have my configuration hased right now and I can't get there via that route to tell you how to find it yourself.

  • Great! Thanks for that, JersWork!

    One question left: I have a C/Dock II also......but, where do you put your cards in the dock? Mine has no slots! ????

    Greetz, Marco






  • For the C-Dock II,  the top of the station lifts off (I think it pivots forward "hinging" at the front where it meets the base).  Once you have gotten this far,  you will see that the PCI card slots expose on the left side of the station.