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Battery LED error codes?

  • Where would the error codes for the LEDs on the laptop battery be listed?  Can't find them on the Dell site. 

    I have an Inspiron 5000 battery, and when the test button is pressed the 1st, 3rd, and 5th LEDs light up, the 2nd and 4th stay off.  That must mean something, but what?



  • 1,3,5 on a battery LED means that your battery has a problem. Best you have it replaced immediately.
  • Yup, that or flashing lights indicate a failed battery. Ask dell for a replacement and see if it is not required to do a bios update (which provides a better charging algorythm). HAppened on my old 8100 and I had to update the bios as well
  • BTW, as I understand it, the Inspiron 5000 is already EOL, so chances are your battery may be beyond the one year warranty. If it is, purchase a new one instead.