Latitude D600 battery light?


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Latitude D600 battery light?

  • The user said that the battery on his Latitude D600 battery blinks red sometimes and green others. What's the reason?

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  • XYZZY2000,

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    The battery light should only be green.  If it changes to any other color, then the battery or the charging system may be bad.  I suggest that you run the Dell diagnostic program on your computer to ensure that all of the components work properly. Place the System Software CD in your computer. Reset the machine and when the Dell logo appears on the screen, press and release [F2] several times until you are in the BIOS. Press the right arrow key to go to the BOOT menu or hold [Alt] and [P] simultaneously to progress to the second page. Change the boot sequence to CD/DVD drive, Floppy drive, Internal HDD. Now press [Esc] or [F10] to save and exit the BIOS.

    The following knowledge base article can help you with this:

    How to run the Dell diagnostic test knowledge base article.

    The program should automatically load. Choose to run the test on the questionable component(s).

  • Thanks. The user said that his other battery is steadily green, so I'll open a support case to get the battery replaced.
  • i have one problem plzzzz solve i want to repair laptop bettery in diffrent models of dell E6400 D610 D600 & others i can changed bettery cell but some peopels are saying this bettery is cant do proper work or not give you good perfomance becaus bettery required the software for matching for system ??? any bdy know software name??so plz tell me & after changing the cell my bettery is showing green light for press bettery button..