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Unbearably slow Touchpad on Inspiron 5150


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Unbearably slow Touchpad on Inspiron 5150

  • One solution:


    I was having a lot of problems with my touchpad. The way I fixed it leads me to believe that the latest bios for some reason was not allowing WinBlows to load the drivers properly.


    My fix was to place a shortcut icon of the file "SynTPEnh.exe", which is in the Synaptics Touchpad folder, into the the  Startup folder. This fixed all my touchpad problems except the one seemingly intrinsic to all touchpads on every laptop I have ever used- for some reason the scroll just doesn't work on some windows or just stops working suddenly. My so-called "fix" for that was whenever it occurs just double click the touchpad icon in the right side of the taskbar to pop up the mouse properties. This is an annoying fix just to scroll because then you have to close it but at least it jump starts the scroll function. I did add the mouse properties window to my pop up blocker so now I just open it and the blocker closes it for me. I just unenable the blocked if I need to go to the properties for some reason.

    BTW, my favorite pop up blocker is called ClickOff and can be D/L at http://www.johanneshuebner.com/en/clickoff.html it freeware and easily configured to press any button or close any window you like. I have used it for years.

  • Qu-Bit, what bios version are you running? And how old was your machine when the problems started, and what sort of problems were you having? Thanks.

  • This is what worked for me...

    I started having the same problems with my touchpad. After trying new drivers and a few rounds of e-mail with Dell Support, all to no avail, I decided to run the Hardware Diagnostics Utility on the DRIVERS, UTILITIES, AND APPLICATIONS CD and much to my surprise my touchpad is working better than new after the utility recalibrated the touchpad.

    To run the Hardware Diagnostics Utility, put the CD in the CD-ROM and reboot the computer while pushing the F12 key. When the Boot Option window appears, arrow down to CD-ROM and hit enter. When the utility window opens, select "Custom Test" the double click on "Pointing Device" then follow the directions to perform the tests.

    I can't guarantee it will cure your touchpad problems but this method is worth a try.

    Let me know if it works for you.

  • 5150LOCO -

    Does the diagnostic utility actually calibrate the touchpad or just test it? Also, what problems were you experiencing?
  • I have tried the various fixes that have been mentioned above, and still no luck.  But I did find an interesting program in the Synaptics folder (C:\Program Files\Synaptics\) called Moodpad.  It displays where on the touchpad you are pressing the most.

    I created this image by moving my finger along the sides (left side, right side, top side, and bottom side) and it shows the pattern displayed here also gives a clue on the patter that the cursor follows on screen.  Given this, if you ask me, this is a hardware problem.  See image below:

    Shouldn't the normal operation show movement along the left, right, top, and bottom sides?  Someone else with this problem, try this and see what your MoodPad image looks like. 

  • My touchpad was getting to the point of being totally useless. It took many repetitions of finger movements to get the pointer to move across the screen horizontally or vertically. I could no longer double click by tapping the touchpad except in the corners of the touchpad. The touchpad seemed to mainly loose functionality in the middle of the touchpad and it didn't matter how I tweaked the settings or what flavor of driver I installed.

    Now for running the Diagnostics Utility. There is actually 2 tests that the utility will perform for the pointing device. The first one tests the touchpad for pointer movement and left and right buttons. The second test will test the double tapping on the touchpad.   When I ran the first test , the pointer was all over the screen in an uncontrolable fashion. When I managed to finish the test, a window popped up a said it had reset my touchpad. After that, my touchpad worked great. I had no problems with the second test because apparently when it reset the touchpad it fixed the problem I was having with double tapping the touchpad. My touchpad is real responsive now.

    Let me know if I can be of anymore help.

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  • Well I should have knocked on wood after making the statements about how I was able to fix my touchpad problems by running the diagnostic utility. My touchpad is now back to it's old tricks again. Dell is having me send my computer in for a new touchpad and bios upgrade.
  • Anything new on the touch pads?  Has anyone who has gotten his or hers replaced noticed degradation yet? 


  • Orin-

    Mine has been in for a week or two with no problems. Still running sweet.

  • Well, i received my Dell back from them on Dec.4th and it worked great, however over the course of the last wek it has COMPLETELY deteriorated again! I originally thought they only changed the BIOS but on the work summary form, in the category 'Other' it appears to say 'Palmrest' in handwriting. I can only assume this means they replaced the Touchpad, regardless of what they did, it hasn't hold up. 


  • That is the same situation we have encountered.  Replacement of the palmrest worked for a little bit, but apparently didn't solve the problem. 

    Does anyone have a new Dell laptop (INSP 8000, INSP, 1100, INSP 5100, INSP 600M, INSP 300M, or Latitude models even)  and the touchpad does work correctly?  If we could ever find out the hardware manufacturer of the component, maybe we could request replacement be made with touchpads that won't junk out in 2-3 weeks. 

  • I have an Inspiron 5100 model that has worked great for 7 months. I bought it in may 2003. Since yesterday I am having trouble with the touchpad. I tried many things and have even reinstalled the driver system software. It changed absolutely nothing. When I press the middle of the touchpad the mouse is very slow and for the extremities it goes at it's usual speed. I guess it's a typical problem for Dell computers... but most of all, for Dell users.

     I did not contact Dell support as of now. From past experience, I know that it won't do me any good and only accentuate my frustration of not having any answer.  I can't even send it back to the manufacturer because I'm presently studying abroad and didn't take the international guarantee... (silly me who thought that Dell computers were at least going to work properly for a year)...

    Anyway, if anyone finds out how to fix this problem to make the touchpad work normally, please, help!

    p.s. My dad told me static electricity might harm the computer. This week before I started having trouble with the touchpad, I got an electric choc from my computer... but I don't know if it's related since I noted the problem 2-3 days after the incident.

  • Last week I emailed Dell Customer Service (not tech support) and explained our problem and how it was very inconvenient for our business to operate with a computer like this.  Within 48 hours Dell replied and said that they would have a service tech here in a few days. 

    The tech showed up and replaced the touchpad.  The new one works perfect, as evident by the moodpad shot shown below:

    This is what a touchpad should see when you move your finger along the outside edge.  The Dell tech that was here said that he has been replacing the touchpad/palm rest on many of these 5150s and that the problem probably isn't in the touchpad itself, but some other component.