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Dell Inspiron N4010 Freeze after boot.


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Dell Inspiron N4010 Freeze after boot.

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Hello Everyone,

My laptop running on windows 7 was keep on freezing after boot up. I checked it by running in SAFE MODE. It was working fine in safe mode. I thought that it might be freezing due some Window's issues. So I tried to install Windows 10. When I was installing, it got freeze at the end(Keeps showing JUST A MOMENT). After some time laptop restarted. After restart is was showing Windows was not installed correctly. I tried 3 times but the same issue continues.

Please help me get it fix.



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  • A bad hard drive is the prime suspect.  F12 at powerup - boot to the Dell diagnostics and run an extended test on the drive.  If you see an error such as 2000-0142, the drive is on its way out and will need to be replaced.

  • Thank you ejn63,

    I want to tell you that my laptop was working fine in safe mode. If there were some issues with hard disc drive then it should not work in safe mode too.

    Now, somehow I installed Windows 10(Evolution Copy) in it. Its performance is improved by many times but not reached at satisfactory level. Its a bit slow so please help me to run it normal.

  • If you got through the install without issue AND the system runs for a while, it may be the drive is OK.  The symptoms point toward a drive having to re-try reads and writes.  That's common with a drive that's on the edge of failure.

    It's not clear what your expectations are for speed, but this is a relatively old system with a weak GPU - and Windows 10 is more GPU-intensive than older versions of Windows are.

    It is also common for a drive thats dying to operate better in safe mode than in protected mode - that mode is far less intensive of virtual memory (swaps to disc).

    If you're looking to speed up the system, replace the hard drive with a solid state drive.

  • Hi ejn63,

    You might be right. My drive might be on the edge of failure as my system is 10 years old. I have done the pre boot diagnostic and its showing the 2000-0142 like you said. But it is working fine now with less speed. I might need to install Windows XP in the future to get the right speed. Need to wait until drive completely dead. :-)

    Thank you for you support.