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dell inspiron r15 n5010 - memory upgrade


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dell inspiron r15 n5010 - memory upgrade

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I bought Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 SODIMM, to upgrade from 4GB.

when replaced to the new memory the windows show only 4gb (3.8 gb usable).

my system details:

intel(R) Cure i3 CPU M370 @2.40GHz

64-bit OS x64

my BIOS version A13 and it's also show that system memory  4096 MB, memory speed 1066 MHz.

please help me what I can do to make it work.


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  • Try each module by itself (one at a time) until you isolate the b ad module or the bad socket - either one of the two modules is bad, or one of the two sockets is.  If it's the module that's bad, send it back for replacement.

    If it's the socket that's bad, you'll need to decide whether it's worth putting a major repair such as this into a system that's as old as this one is.  if so, replace the mainboard.

  • I did exactly what you said, and the problem was, that I didn't put correctly the second 4GB ram.

    anyway, I don't understand why the memory speed is 1066 MHz?

    who can I change the memory speed to be max??

    tanks again.

  • The CPU speed is set by the processor you have installed.  None of the first generation Core i mobile CPUs (the only ones this system supports) can run RAM faster than 1066 MHz, so the answer is that there is no way to increase the memory speed, regardless of the memory you've installed.