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Dell XPS 13 9365 Loud Beep Issue


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Dell XPS 13 9365 Loud Beep Issue

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Hi All,

I've had an XPS 13 2 in 1 for a few weeks now and every so often (a few times a day) it makes a loud beep for a half second. I cant tell if it is coming from the speakers or from something else in the system, but its extremely loud and sharp no matter what the volume setting is at. This isnt the coil whine issue, which I do hear sometimes when the computer is plugged in but it doesn't really bother me. Has anybody else had this issue with their XPS 9365? Is there some way to fix it?

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  • The more info we can gather will help.  Keep in mind, for me, when playing music it sounds like some of it originate from under the keyboard.  Probably just the stereo from the visible speakers but it might fool your ears...


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  • Same issue here. its annoying af

  • I agree - it's really annoying and I am now trying to get a replacement instead of having to return and initiate a new ordering process.

    Does anyone have any valid response from the support yet? I don't have the time to sit in front of the computer for hours recording the sound or testing whether it does not appear when booting in safe mode. Anyone of you already did the exercise and got a valid response from Dell?

  • My motherboard has been replaced and it occurred again after. The system is being serviced again.

  • T1mbob, since you seem to be having the situation quite often, have you verified muting the speakers has no effect?

    My best guess is still something around the SD card reader..

    Dell is advertising these things quite often on TV.  Luckily, mine only happens once in a while.  I have another problem where the touchscreen will not turn the display back on more than 5 seconds after it goes off.  Not a good situation for a 2 in 1.


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  • Hi all, I have exactly the same problem. This occurred when the speakers were muted and even when the lid was closed (and had been closed for a while). I am now away from the U.S. so sending this back to get looked at would be a real pain. I am hoping there will be fix somewhere out there that can be dealt with remotely!

  • It is not happening so often tbh. I was just annoyed that a new and expensive product show such an issues and Dell is not responding at all. It hasn't happend for a while now. According to Dell Germany I am the only one with such a problem/request. Returning the whole order and ordering new is really a pain for me - so I will stick with it for now. As we have quite a number of people here complaining and also a high hit rate in this post I would expect to get at least some sort of response that we are heard from Dell.

  • I just got the i7/16gb/512 version. I've heard it several times. Mostly during the first day of full usage. It's very loud and annoying -- almost startling.

  • I found that most beeps are playing video on Chrome´╝î such as Youtube

  • I also have this issue, like many others it is random in frequency with no specific cause. Loud electronic screech occurs even while sound is muted and/or very low and it occurs on both battery and plugged into power.

    I almost suspect this is an issue in all 9365's that just goes unreported most of the time and that this is an issue that gets fixed by a future driver update because all the above instances of motherboard replacements for example, do nothing to help the issue. That, or Dell needs to start looking into replacing other parts.

  • Hi all, about this issue, I continued to communicate with Dell. Can you tell me what browsers are used when you happen this issue?

  • I would just like dell to acknowledge this issue and let us know if theres any work being done to fix it... it happens at any time even when the lid is closed or its on the table next to me and I can't tie it down to any pattern..

  • I have the same sentiments. Right now, I haven't hear it again since mid-March. Returning etc is really a pain then you have to setup our computer to the way you like. I use my 2in1 everyday and as my main work pc. I don't know if there's an upgrade but I didn't do anything, it just stop beeping. still hoping that someone from Dell can explain this issue.

  • Solution ?

  • same issue - updated bios and ran all diagnostics. any idea on root cause?