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inspiron 7559 squeaking while playing games


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inspiron 7559 squeaking while playing games

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Happy new year, I bought my Inspirion 7559 in September, and about 7days ago it's start to squeaking(like BIOS squeaking if find some errors) while I'm playing games(after about 30-45minut after start playing), or very rarely while laptop is not loading with heavy programs or games.

Before this happening i'm playing games for hours, and i haven't any problem things like i have now. I am using same programs, and playing same games so i can't notice by what it cause.
Updating of all knowing drivers and bios to last version did not give me any result.

And im also check each hardware part with diagnose utilities trying to find which one can cause this sound, but again, didnt find nothing.
I'm check with stress tests CPU and GPU from dell website, checked HDD for bads with HDDScan and checked RAM with windows  memory diagnostic utility.

My guess:

-Is it possible some think with power supply unit in notebook ? Cause some times i see that charge level is 90-95% and it charging even if i didn't plug it off. But it also can be a battery save procedure.

- Or may be while laptop heating hdd or power supply unit suddenly off and on again.

-CPU heating up to 86-100degree Fan operating is no different from how they worked when I just bought a laptop. Visual all cooling parts and fans is clean, of-course i cant check thermal paste condition cause i can loose warranty state.

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  • I get a reason, it is HDD is going crazy.

    in Task manager "active time" and "disk transfer rate" graphics are over high(average response time 6sec:() and disk is unresponding at that peak times. So, only one thing i don't know its motherboard or HDD.

    I think need to meet service center

  • If you look in the Resource Monitor you should be able to see what the drive is doing...


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  • yes, its D- disc, my HDD, system is stable it installed on SSD. Now im making backups once in 2-3days, and hope it will be alive until end of this semester cause service diagnostic will take a time, and i havent another machine to complete homework.

    Thnx, problemm is found, and topic can be closed.

  • I have got the same clicky, and squeaking noise coming from the hard disk. I got it replaced, and even the new hard disk is making noise. This is worrying me. I asked Dell for a system exchange, and they said that I have to wait for 25-30 days for getting the system replaced and also I will be getting the inspiron 7567 instead of 7559, because 7559 is not being manufactured anymore. The 7567 has a tn panel display, and I have video editing work to do, which is nearly impossible with a tn panel. If you find a solution please do let me know :)

  • I request service transfering to my country, but still didnt received ant mail.

    So, the problem: is the laptop start squaking cause of heating, and it started after bios update 1.8 before it was normal (backing up not helping). by some reasons HDD try to going standby, squeaking, happened cause system cant reach to hdd. but system works fine cause its installed on SSD.

    how i choose this problem:download speccy soft, and turn on function to autorun. Its monitor temperature, and always send request to hdd and do not give that going to sleep.

    Only reason laptop squeaking its when it unplug and try to entering standbuy mode. Its still make uncomfortable to working on it.


    -waste all holidays cause dell service statement was in transfer.

    -still didnt received confirmation email of transfer. (now i have a lessons and its hard to left it in service center even if id received confirmation and able to left it there).