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XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?


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XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

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Hi all,

I just got my new XPS 15, amazing laptop but there's 1 big problem,

A high-pitched scratching/screeching noise is produced from the power button area ONLY when the power is plugged in and the battery is fully charged.

I've seen other forums and others have exactly the same problem, Any ideas?

I found this example http://z.mk/e6vq , the power is plugged into the laptop at 6 seconds.


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  •  Thank you for posting.  I have spoke to many of you via private message and will continue to do so.  I know that this must be frustrating and I apologize for not seeing this sooner.  I will continue to post any updates as soon as I have them.

    Have a good weekend.



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  • Same problem here on my top tier 9530 XPS15. For me it feels like the sound becomes louder when scrolling through bright pages (e.g. in browser/pdf-reader/...). Very annoying for a 2000$ laptop :/

  • I will be out of the office for a couple of weeks, I return on the 25th.  I have spoken with some of you to get a replacement AC Adapter and see if that helps. I also know some systems have been captured from the field for testing. I will post here again when I return with any updates.



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  • Terry, I am on my second XPS 15 and I am experiencing the same issues. It is not related to the machine being connected to the ac power. The first laptop arrived early Jan and was making the painfully excruciating noise. I have been sent a replacement that has the same issues. WHAT IS DELL doing to fix this ? I've paid around £1800 for this machine and the noise is just ruining it for me. I cannot believe that although DELL was aware about this issues...you have sent me a replacement with the same problems... VERY VERY disappointed ! For everyone else...have you found any solutions ???? I really love this laptop but the noise just pushes me towards a refund...I just cant live with this..
  • Terry and all, I've picked up on thread with similar issues on the XPS 13. One of the solutions identified there seems to work for both of the XPS 15 I currently have. So: If I connect a phone to charge through the USB 3.0 (left hand side) makes the sound disappear completely !!! This then can only mean that there is an issue with grounding or current flowing in the machine due to design?! or maybe some bad soldering ?! Terry I currently have 2 units (one is due for return). If you can make any arrangements I can deliver this direct to you for testing ? I am strongly considering to just ask for a refund. Just to make things clear the two XPS 15 are the top spec'd ones with the 512 GB SSD.
  • Terry,

    My XPS 15 9530 is also experiencing the same issue (high pitched noise near the power button when the laptop is connected to A/C power). 

    This issue occurs if I use the power supply that came with the laptop (130w) or one of my existing Dell power supplies (90w) and optional Dell plug converter.  The issue appears to resolve itself when I unplug the A/C power.

    Please keep me informed of this issue, and it's resolution.

  • Hi Terry, I own an XPS12 and experience a problem that may be related.

    The loud high-pitch noise occurs (~7.5kHz and two harmonics) under these conditions, reproducible:

    1. CPU is under stress and running at highest frequency, e.g. in DELL Diagnosis called by hitting F12 on bootup

    2. Battery is charging, i.e. power cable is connected and battery is not charged fully

    Changing the power outlet has no effect. I have replaced the AC adapter; then the CPU was replaced by another i7-4500U; now the laptop has been replaced by a new one, even with a different type i7-4650U CPU, and still the problem persists. There is some quiet noise present even when the battery is detached, but the loud noise occurs only ever when charging.

    I suspect the charge controller is involved.

    Please let me know if I can try something else, I currently still possess both laptops. This noise is terrifying and ruins an otherwise great ultrabook!

  • Hello Terry,

    thanks for looking into this issue.

    I experience it under AC adapter connected and on battery. But under AC adapter it is louder.

    The sound seems to come out the power button and one of the fans (or behind it).

    I'd really wish you can do something, because this issue is very annoying...



  • Hi Terry,

    in my case it is not related to the machine being connected to the ac power or not. I noticed the noise is louder if the keyboard background light is switched off. If the light is on maximum level then the noise is stell there but tolerable.


  • Hello all,

    I had a coil whine issue with my XPS 13. This was replaced with a XPS 15 which has the noise reported here!

    I won't request a RMA or replacement at this time as the noise is tolerable and nowhere near as bad on the XPS 15 as it was on the XPS13 (it's not even close) and obviously comes from a different source / location. Due to my XPS 13 experience, I'm probably oversensitive to noise now...

    I suspect the fix for both can be addressed by a BIOS fix, certainly that was the indication from the XPS 13 noise thread.

    Again, the noise is tolerable. It can be noticed with and without AC power connected. 

    Unlike the XPS 13, the keyboard light setting/state does not affect the noise.


  • Terry,

    Does Dell perform full system test cycles before releasing the models to their customers?

    I have a background in semiconductor manufacturing and software dev/testing.  Before a new product, chip, or software module was put into mass production/assembly, a statistical sample size, large enough to cover 6-sigma, across different batch runs was selected, and tested for quality.

    Does Dell do this?

    I ask b/c there seems to be one fundamental issue with every series/model of every Dell laptop, i.e., either:

    -- there is a cooling fan noise / heat issue

    -- electronic resonance

    -- can't create a back-up disc using back-up/recovery software

    -- screen bleeding

    Dell would sig. gain brand prestige if they slowed the pace of their new releases, but increased initial quality ratings..

    Being an Austin homer, I root for Dell... I just think a re-investment in QC/QA would go a long way.


    Hopeful/faithful fan...

  • Hi Terry,

    I have my new XPS15 since less than a week and am experiencing exactly the same noise issue when the power is plugged in. This is really annoying as everything is working great with this PC.

    With such a price for a PC I was not expecting to experience such an annoying noise. The worst is when you scroll down a long web page as others already mentionned.

    Hope there will be a fix soon!

  • This problem also appeared on mine as well. When I called,  the tech support made me send it for diagnosing.

    I thought they would be able to repair it. After 3 week, I still haven't got my laptop back! Note that I have next business day service!

    When I called again, they just told me that if I want a solution anytime soon, I have only 2 choices: either apply for a refund or get my unrepaired machine back and live with it. They refused to provide me a replacement with the excuse that the replacement system is likely to have the same problem.

    My feeling is deeply hurt. What's all those advertising about warranty?So when customers get a faulty machine, they can only choose between either live with it or apply for a refund? Who is going to compensate for the 6 weeks that I waited for the machine? Those accessories I bought for the machine?

    If the problem is so widespread, why don't you just take it off the shelf? At least you should add the 'special feature' of this noise in your advertisement as well so that anyone who is going to buy it will be informed. But you didn't, did you?


    Feb 28th, technician called me and informed me that my refund has been approved and kindly asked me to receive the returned machine from depot center.

    March 4th, depot center called again to send the unrepaired machine back to me so that I can send it for refund from my place. It's a full month since I sent the machine to repair center and 3 months since I made the order. They tried replacing HDD in the first days. After that, the repairing never went on. Had I known this, I would have directly gone for a refund the moment I found it's faulty rather than having the slightest faith in Dell that they would be able to fix it.

    It's funny to recall the conversation with the technician when I first called for the noise problem.  

    "Please send the machine to the repair center. We have more equipment to test the device". But it turned out that the laptop was left aside at the depot center for 3 weeks!

    "Please be patient. Usually we are quite good at repairing the device" So finally, they returned the machine to me, not only is the noise problem unrepaired but they also bricked the system as well.

    March 6th, called again to arrange a pickup date and location. However, the technician questioned me for an hour. And after talking all that lot, he ended up with a conclusion that 'I have raised a ticket for you. As to when the pickup will be, it's not up to me. Someone would call you when it happens '

    March 14th, after kindly waiting for a week and  nothing happened, called again to check if anything funny had happened again. The technician told me that there was already a pickup on March 13th, I was just not home. Although I was a little confused that there was no phone call to arrange the pickup location and time, I kindly apologized and told him the right address for pickup. He said that he would arrange another pickup on March 17th.

    March 17th, waited all day for the pickup. Nothing happened. None at all.

    March 18th, called again to check what was the excuse this time. The technician told me that there was no pickup arrange for March 17th. The only date he could see is March 27th. Furthermore, there was no history of me calling on March 17th. I had to tell me again the correct address for the pickup. And he told me that he earliest possible date is March 24th.

    March 21th, got another call from Dell. The lady called to arrange a pickup date. And the earliest possible date is March 26th. I told her that I have already arrange a pickup date on March 24th, she told me that apparently she did not get the pickup request until March 21th and it takes at least 3 working days to arrange the pickup.

    Just like what I had guessed, more dramatic things and excuse keep coming. 

    So far, what I can say is that all these accidents are too accidental to be accidents.

  • I haven't posted here for a while and wanted to leave an update.  Dell is still investigating the reports of abnormal noise and has captured some systems from the field for testing.  I am still waiting on the results from these tests and will report here as soon as I receive them.  Although I don't have a lot of news at the moment I wanted all of you to know that we are still looking for the cause of the noise and a possible solution.

    Doctor I will shoot you a friend request shortly so that I may investigate why you have not received your system back yet.


    Please have a great weekend everyone.



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  • Hello Sirblack,

    Tell me your experience with your Dell XPS 15 9530   about the Noise, did you have the issue also in your brand new laptop, i really want to know, because  i ordered mine weeks ago, and will have it next month, i won't like that if i face this same issue.

    Thank you, Please let me know