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ZTE AC2737 (Data Card ) is not detecting while trying to install in Win 7 32 bit


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ZTE AC2737 (Data Card ) is not detecting while trying to install in Win 7 32 bit

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ZTE AC2737 (Data Card )  is not detecting while trying to install in Win 7 32 Bit. Getting error  "ZTE AC2737 (Data Card ) timeout when searching new device, you need install driver manually". But same device is working on other laptops.

Dell. Vostro 3450


windows 7 professional

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  • Where are you getting the drivers from and are they 32bit drivers?

    Here's a link to some Windows drivers...unfortunately the site doesn't state which version of Windows they are for


    Setup guide



  • I Did the above steps already,

    and still the same problem persists....

    To be precise,

    The modem can be used as card reader also. So windows is detecting as a ZTE USB storage FFF1 USB device but not as a MOdem..

    When i try to set up a new connection and selected dial-up modem . It is not showing the modem as dial-up also.

    Kindly help..

  • Normally when installing USB devices one installs the driver / software first. However, the guide advises to plug in the modem first and then the installation auto starts. 

    Start again by first uninstalling the device and drivers.

    But this time install the drivers first and then plug in the device. The installation will begin and the correct drivers should be installed.

    After installation has finished click the Reliance Netconnect shortcut on the desktop and enter username and password.

    NOTE : I suspect the above drivers are not for Windows 7 32bit and are for Vista 32bit. Therefore the drivers will first need to be installed in compatibility mode


  • Yup.. But the driver software for ZTE modem is in-built as it has some memory in it ..  so it pops up ...

    My modem is getting detected as usb device.

    I double click setup.exe downloaded from reliance website.

    and continue clicking next, next

    Finally it says finalising installation , By that time it will search for modem. If not found it wil ask to insert.. but after i insert it is not finding modem and finally says . ."timeout when searching new device, you need install driver manually"

  • Did you not get an installation Cd with the modem?


  • I bought it long back .. I dont remember exactly.

    But they said installation setup will be inside modem itself nu ..

    I used the same ..

    My dev details:

    ZTE AC 2736

    Key Features of ZTE AC 2736


    • Supports 800 MHz frequency band
    • High-rate network access
    • Plug and Play (PnP). Auto Installation.
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS


    Item                 Description

    Dimensions   92.5×26×10.1mm

    Weight             About 40 gm

    Language       English

  • So it's not compatible with windows 7.

    Windows 7 should install it's own native drivers for the USB storage device side of things, but will fail on the modem as it's not compatible.

    So to get round this...

    First install the modem drivers manually (in compatibility mode) using the link I gave you previously. Make a note of where the drivers get unpacked.

    Then plug the device in and allow auto install to start.

    The USB storage drivers will be installed but it will fail on the modem. Click finish to end the setup.

    Then go to Device Manager and look for any unknown devices.

    Right click each one and choose update driver software.

    Browse my computer for driver software

    Browse to where the drivers were unpacked, choose the driver folder, click OK, click Next.


  • Dear Paul..

    I already did the above.. But still again i did what u mentioned above..

    Everything goes good and finally it says "timeout when searching new device, you need install driver manually".

    And again wen i plugged the device and click the reliance netconnect+ desktop icon .. it says "No device or device not ready to work. Confirm and try later.

    i went in to device manager and verified. There is no unknown device listed out there.

    But i Notice

    Under Disk drives menu - - ZTE USB Storage FFF1 USB Device

    Under DVD/CD ROM drives -- ZTE USB Storage FFF1 USB Device

    Under Portable Devices -- I:\ (ZTE USB Storage FFF1 USB Device)

    NO other things related to Modem ..




  • Try these drivers (Modem only)


    These are Windows XP (32bit) drivers and might work with your OS. Again install the drivers first in compatability mode. Then plug the device in.


  • Dear Paul,

    I downloaded from the above location and extracted the Zip File.

    I found 4 files in it..





    What to do next?

  • please provide a screenshot of your Device Manager


  • Thanks for the screen shots.

    Those drivers I linked to don't seem to have an installer. You'll need to add the device manually and point to those drivers.

    Have looked at ZTE's site and found these drivers (AC2737) 


    EDIT: Have just downloaded these and looks like the drivers are for Linux and MACOSX...can you confirm this?

    EDIT : Also found this new dialler setup