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Latitude E5430 looses WiFi connection


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Latitude E5430 looses WiFi connection

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I have just received a new Latitude E5430 with Windows 7 64bit.

It  worked fine for a day, and I was just getting to the phase were I'd be installing  all the different the software , when after doing a windows update the wifi connection was lost.

Whatever I did, it would not work again, it was trying to use the 169.254.xxxx.xxxx IP address instead of

Deleted all network settings, rebooted the router/modem and finally I got back to a proper IP address but the system is still not connecting.. claiming the signal is poor, even from 2 feet away from the Router.

Deleted MacAfee but to no avail.

Is this just a faulty network card? Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot


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  • Hi Jeropotje,

    Please download the latest Wi-Fi driver from the below link and check if it resolves the issue.

    (Key in the service tag and the right operating system for the selection of drivers)

    You can also run an online diagnostics for the Wi-Fi card. Connect through a wired connection and please follow the steps below to run the diagnostics.

    1.       Open the link
    2.       Select ‘Hardware’.
    3.       Select ‘Network card’ under ‘Diagnostic Selector’.
    4.       Click on ‘Run Diagnostics’ button.
    5.       Let me know the results.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish M

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