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Intel HD graphics - disable


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Intel HD graphics - disable

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My software vendor - 2020 Technologies - is suggesting that I disable the HD 4000 graphics adapter to avoid  potential conflicts since their rendering engine needs dedicated graphics.
 Is it as simple as disabling the driver in device manager? It's the only place I can find to do this as there are no video devices listed in the BIOS.
The machine in question is Dell Inspiron 17R SE. Running Windows 8, 1 TB hard drive, 2 GB Nvidia GT650 graphics and 8 GB ram
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  • Hi djag62,

    If the Dell Inspiron 17R SE is configured with 3D option by default the ‘Intel HD graphics’ is disabled.

    The laptop comes with Optimus technology if configured without 3D option, disabling the ‘Intel HD graphics’ will make the Optimus technology not to work properly.

  • How do I know if the Optimus 3D feature is enabled on this machine? Is it found in the BIOS or is it in Windows 8?

  • If you're seeing both video chips in the system, you do not have the 3D version and you do not have true, discrete video.  The nVidia chip is a co-processor - the only physical connection between the display screen and GPU is through the Intel GPU on the processor.  That means you CANNOT disable the Intel video - all video data passes through the Intel GPU -- even that which is processed by the nVidia GPU.

    If the software won't work with hybrid video, you're going to need a higher-end system with true, discrete video to use with it.