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Need to restore Dell Inspiron 17R?


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Need to restore Dell Inspiron 17R?

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Hi. I'm new to computers (almost brand new) and I am having a major problem with my laptop. Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition. One day it was working perfectly fine, no problems at all, the next (literally) it stops working. It goes to a black screen upon powering it on, and after that it won't budge. I have to turn it off and back on again, then rapidly press F12 to get to set up. I've tried many things but nothing I've tried has work. It never goes past the black screen. Two people have told me it might be a hardware problem, an expert told me that I need a restore disk, but I don't know what kind of disk. He said that many people are having a similar problem. If anyone can tell me how I can resolve this, no matter what it takes, I would be very appreciative.
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  • Hi FoJoSho,

    Request you to follow the below steps:

    (1) Turn off the computer.

    (2) Remove all the external peripherals like AC Adaptor, battery, flash drive, etc.

    (3) Press and hold power button for 30sec, it releases the static on the computer (if any)

    (4) Then put back the battery and plug the charger in. Charge the computer for some time.

    Then you may run a hardware diagnostics by using the below link:

    Do reply with the test results.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kiran Kumar
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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