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Inspiron M5030 (Beeping)

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My Inspiron M5030 stopped working a day ago. I have had the computer for about two years now and suddenly it just stopped working properly. The only thing I hear is a repetitive beeping sound and the fan Sad . My son says that it may be because of the program he downloaded. He downloaded a program called Frost-wire. I should have reacted quickly once i noticed my mouse stopped working and the computer slowed.

So what I was wondering is if the problem is because the memory that stopped working or something else?

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  • Hi Mrinnova,

    Remove the AC adapter and Battery from the system. Press and hold the power button continuously for 30 seconds to release the Flea Power and then try to switch on the system with the battery and adapter connected.

    Please let me know how many beeps you get and in the meanwhile provide the system service tag through a private message.

    To send me a private message, click on my Forum username and then click Start conversation.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish M

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