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USB headset mic not working on Dell Inspiron 1440

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I have a new usb headset (Philips SHG7980) that uses a single usb port on my laptop to plug in.

When I use it, only sound can be heard but no microphone gets detected. I have tried all usbports/volumesettings etc so the issue is not simple. A defect with the headset is ruled out since its a brand new one and it is infact a replacement for the previous new one (same model) which I returned having faced this problem and assuming that it was defective.So there is no defect with the headset or pin or jacks or volume settings. Also the device to be used for playback /recording is set as Philips SHG7980. 

Is it a driver issue, or OS issue or is it that a usb headset that uses a single usb port on my laptop cannot be used at all? Why does only sound work  and not the microphone? 

ps: The microphone and headphones on my other headset (which uses normal jacks and not USB jack) works fine. I am using Windows XP.

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  • I have similar problems with the SHG7980 on a DELL desktop computer. The speakers works fine but the microphone doesn't pick up  any sound at all although it is detected and shown in the control panel that it is working properly. I checked that the control, virtual as well as physical, is set to unmute and volume high. Strange enough. The detached microphone, when inserted into the back microphone jack, picks up sounds and send them to another pair of speakers. However, I cannot send the picked up sound to the SHG7980 speakers and no recording task can be done on the computer.

    I tried the headset on an XP non-DELL machine and the problem was still there.