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Dell Wireless Dock D5000 - WiGi - drivers / firmware? used with Dell Latitude 6430u


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Dell Wireless Dock D5000 - WiGi - drivers / firmware? used with Dell Latitude 6430u

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My new Dell Latitude 6430u received today is connected & working with the Dell Wireless Dock D5000 but an icon in the system tray of the operating system is saying :

"You are using an older version of the drivers for your Dell D5000 device. Please go to the manufactures' support site or to get the latest drivers."

What I have tried:

Dell Client System Update (found my service tag automatically but no luck)

Windows Update

Windows 7 64-bit pro (from the factory)

The Dell Wireless Dock D5000 (came in the same box as the 6430u

There is nothing else installed on this system other than factory installed software.

I found that I needed to update my WiGi drivers manually for the 1601 from the drivers

AND download some software update from

even then this D5000 is still not working as smoothly as in the video marketing. The display screen flickers once when connected to the D5000 & Windows does a thunk thunk thunk when it grabs onto the video. (nothing else is connected, no other keyboard, usb, etc.)

has anyone had any luck with these WiGi docking stations?

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  • I have a the same dockingstion  for 6430u, and  i want o use it, and i supose the driver that activates the connection betwen the docking and the portable is this one


    for operating system Win 7.0 64bit?

    CAn anyone of Dell Supoort help us? Sad


    Download File

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  • I had a little guide here but I recommend that you follow the guide that has been updated and is available here if needing a small guide regarding the Dell d5000 wireless dock and the Latitude 6430u.

  • I wanted to follow-up on this in case anyone has stopped by.

    The D5000 has quite a few bugs and so does the 6430u. I would not, if I were you, use the D5000 in production until Dell irons out the bugs.

    The biggest bug to me is that the wireless dock does not connect unless there is a user in session. Otherwise, the user is forced to lift the lid to login and then connect. This should be a service and connect seamlessly. The device does connect if waking from sleep/hibernation at the welcome screen if the user is still logged in but otherwise, it has to wait for someone to login.

    The other bug is the sleep bug. The dock should also be able to wake the laptop. Anything else is sloppy and won't work well or is simply not simple enough for the average user. Hibernation is too buggy on this as well. Half the time the laptop cannot dis-connect properly in order to enter Hibernation.

    This dock and laptop are clearly designed for Windows 8 as both work flawlessly with that OS. Flawlessly. Windows 7 does not work well...yet.

    I expect Dell or DisplayLink or Intel or all three to release a patch or update within the next 90 days to fix the various issues and to add additional functionality.

    Until then, I do not advise you to use this dock in production unless deploying it with Windows 8.

  • Further follow-up on the Dell D5000 WiGiG dock.

    With the A02 update for the WiGiG dock, much needed stability has been brought to the wireless dock. This update adds the ability to connect to the dock whether or not a user is currently in session. Once installed, login as a user with Administrator rights, connect once and then upon every start from a cold boot, the connection occurs even if you are not logged in currently. Upon installation, you still need to install the latest package from DisplayLink to remove a notification that an update is available but otherwise, working great.

    There is still not an update to the inability to wake the laptop with the keyboard or touchpad on the laptop.

    I currently have the machine set to wake from Hibernate or turn on from a powered off state when the AC adapter is plugged in, which works great. I furthermore have a Logitech wireless mouse with the Logitech receiver and that will work to wake the laptop from sleep and a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard will also work.

    I can say at this point, the Dell 6430u and D5000 dock are perfect for Enterprise businesses as well any business that has users wanting a fast laptop and dock with as few wires or whatever needed.

  • I ordered the D5000 the moment it came available and I have yet to receive it. Just spoke to Dell and they told me there is a production hold due to quality issues. My ship date has been pushed out 2 times totaling 3 months.

  • Bummer. No doubt due to the fan sometimes ramping up under a load as well as the USB blackout that can occasionally occur. Rocking steady here since the update was released. Good luck!

  • Yup. Me too. I've been waiting a very long time, but I would rather get a solid product than deal with constant problems.

  • Two docks just arrived after about 3m wait time (orderd in Feb 22rd 2013). So far I'm dealing with stability issues as 6430U connect and after a while (5~10min) disconnects.  I update WiGig network card drivers and displaylink drivers, but still can't maintain a steady connection.  I have Dell 19" monitor connected via VGA to Displayport and Dell USB/Keybaord-mouse. When mouse and keybaord was only connect everything worked fine, until I added LCD, connection drops. System is about 2~4 feet away from the wireless dock.... can't offer it to CEO at the moment, hope to find a solutions quick.

    6430U/Connection Manager:





  • If you put the laptop closer to the dock, does the connection become more stable? Are you using Windows 7 or 8?

  • daov2a could you  tell me please where i find A02 update?


  • The driver has been taken down again (this occurred with the A01 driver  as well). Dell must be re-working it.

  • Yes, if the laptop is placed closed it helps with Wireless connection. Meaning, mouse and keyboard input are stable. However video still malfunctions.

  • My config:  Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, CPU i7-3667U, 16 GB of RAM, 256 SSD,  fully loaded.   I'm planning on rebuilding as I was using Dell pre-loaded image. I'll follow daov2a guide.

  • Here's my suggestion first. I have found Windows 7 to be a bit difficult when using the wireless dock. Windows 8 has been far more stable.

    In any case, load your Windows 7 image, do not join it to the domain and run Windows update and install any available updates/drivers that are sent via Windows Update (if you WSUS server pushes driver updates, then join it. Most domains do not push driver updates I have found).

    Once all updates are installed, then load the Dell Wireless dock software/drivers but do not run the software nor connect to the dock. After you run the install, then install the DisplayLink package. Once the DisplayLink package is installed, then connect and test it.

    Let us know how it goes!

    Also, as of yesterday, the newest Dell WiGig package was not available for download any longer. They appear to have taken it down. Make sure you have that prior to doing this.