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Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 Boot problem - Stuck on Dell logo screen

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Our Dell Inspiron 14z is stuck on the Dell Logo at boot up.

It ran out of Battery last night but has been on charge for over an hour this morning.

I can't press F2 F8 or F12 because it freezes at this point.

Any advice greatly appreciated!



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  • Hi Joe,

    You may try releasing the residual charge and check if that works. Here are the steps to release the residual charge:

    • Disconnect any external peripherals (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) from the computer including the battery and AC adapter. 
    • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
    • Reconnect the battery and the AC adapter. Restart the system and check if it boots.
    If this does not help try performing the diagnostics on the system to confirm hardware functionality. Here are the steps:
    • Restart the system and immediately star tapping 'F12' key to get to the boot menu. 
    • Use the 'Arrow' keys to highlight the 'Diagnostics' options and press the 'Enter' key.
    • The 'Diagnostics' will start. Please note the error message if any appears on the screen.
    If the above steps don't work, you may also initiate diagnostics by powering on the system with the 'Fn' key pressed to initiate the diagnostics.
    Hope this helps. Please share the findings.
    Thanks & Regards
    Saharsh K
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  • Thanks for the reply but unfortunatly it did not solve the problem...

    Releasing the residual charge did nothing - same problem

    Restarting and tapping F12 highlights 'Boot options' but at this point it freezes.

    Restarting with Fn pressed had no effect - same problem.

    Any other ideas i can try?  



  • Another couple of things to note...

    About every three minutes of it being stuck on the logo, the screen turns black and then comes back on to the same problem, as if its trying to restart itself.

    And when you press the off button it turns of immediatly (i.e it doesnt require holding down for a few seconds)

  • Still no fix to this?

    ...In your first suggestion you mentioned removing the battery  - do you mean I have to disassemble the laptop and remove the internal battery ? ...on the 14z this is pretty complicated!? I would have to remove the memory module, optical drive assembly, daughter board and palm-rest assembly before I can even get to the battery!?

  • Hi Joe,

    It appears to an hardware related issue. Also you need not remove the battery from the system.

    In order to assist you further I will need the system information. I am sending you a private message, please reply with the information. 

    Awaiting your response!

    Thanks & Regards
    Saharsh K
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  • hey, i also have the same problem. actually, a few more. other than, having FROZEN AT DELL LOGO Booting problem, it has a problem with touchpad. and sometimes, an error message appears, saying, 'could not read XXXXX memory location'. i have used it only for 2 days and didn't even get the chance to register it.

    why should i face this much of issus after buying a brand new ultrabook of DELL. it's not only a matter of money, but also satisfaction / irritation.


  • A lot of people are thinking this is the motherboard because the new motherboard will sometimes fix it...but there is a much simpler option you should try first.

    -After trying to power on your computer twice, press your F2 key to get into your BIOS screen. (pressing F2 on the first try doesn't have any effect)

    -Use your arrow key to tab over to the boot menu (This screen may look scary to novice users but this is easier than getting a new motherboard...fear not.)

    -If it only lists "network boot" under your boot list options...this is the problem. Arrow down to "Add Boot Option" and press ENTER.

    -In the new window that pops up, in the field that says "Boot Option Name", type in "Windows Boot Manager"

    -Highlight the first file name you see in the File System List (something like "PciRoot(0x0)/...etc) and then tab over to the "yes" button and hit ENTER.

    -"Windows Boot Manager" should now appear under your boot list options. Highlight the text and press the + key to move it into your number one position.

    -You can now Press F10 to save and exit. You will no longer have issues with booting up or restarting your laptop.

  • HI Saharsh,

    I  am also facing the same problem on my laptop having same mode. Just spoke to Dell also and they are also unable to resolve it remotely

    Any suggestion you would like to tell me.



  • I have same model Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 and under warranty.

  • I'm having the same problem,

    Could you also send me a private message telling me what to do with this?

    Thank you!

  • Did you end up getting this fixed?

    Because I currently have the same problem.

  • Hi Sanricha,

    As discussed with you on the private message, you may back up the data and we will wait for the service to happen. Keep me posted with the results.

    @sherryh2108: Please share the result of the diagnostics, if you were able to perform them. Also, please share the system information via private message (click my username and then click Start Conversation). Please include the following information:

    • Service Tag of the system.
    • Account Holder's Name.
    • Contact Number.
    • Email Address.
    • Country where the system was purchased from.
    • Current location of the system.
    Please reply if you have any questions.

    Fusion 25793503
    Fusion 25793543
    Thanks & Regards
    Saharsh K
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  • hello 

    Actually I bought Dell inspiron 5423 and I am really disappointed . I have the same exact problem !! What should i do ?  please help me .. !!

  • hey Sebastian ,

    Did you try these steps and it works ??

  • Yes, I did this about a month or so ago and everything has been working perfectly since then. One thing I will point out though, I have a dell inspiron 17r rather than the 14z. Most people have found this solution to work anyhow, since both inspirons have the same boot problem. A few people have expressed fear messing with the boot menu but you can always go back and choose your original set up configuration if nothing has improved for you so it's not something that will screw anything up. This is not a solution for those unable to access their BIOS menus...I imagine Dell would have to help you through that problem first.