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inspiron 15R SE 7520 msata

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Ordered an Inspiron 15R SE 7520 currently in production so hoping to get it this week!.  Looking on the description page it says that the msata drive is an optioal extra but there was no option for this in the ordering process, from looking here is seems a bit pot luck if the laptop will come with the slot on the daughter board or not.  Is there an easy way to tell without opening the case as i dont want to invalidate the warranty on day 1.

I want to use the msata ssd as the primary boot and seem to have found out how to do just wondering if anyone has successfully done this?

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  • If you chose the 32G mSATA cache drive option, you'll have the daughterboard.  If you did not, the daughterboard will not be in the system.

  • thanks ejn63 but there was no option to choose this while ordering which is why i thought at least the port would be there but after checking the invoice as advised seems like only the wifi daughter board has been put in.

    Having only used it for a while its not as quick as i thought it would be (compared to a 4 year old i3 4gb ram) vaio that it was replacing and wanted this option for the ISRT .  Thinking of returning now

  • Yuvaraja,

                I'm based in the US and wondering how to order the part. Dell Parts Sales here says the part is indefinitely out of stock. Can you please share the phone number or site you used to order the part and the part# you used to place the order? Thanks for your help.


  • Hi George

    I have sent you a friendship request, send me your service tag.

    @YuvarajaMG The daughter board is connected to SATA 3 and runs at  SATA 3 speed.

    Thank you.

  • hi Roayn accepted thisw and sent you the tag, thanks

  • I dont have any number.

    I had issue with my HDD, raised complaint in dell site, engineer visited my home, that time I ordered.