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nVidia Geforce GT 650M NOT DETECTED on Inspiron 17R SE 7720 after BIOS A11 Update


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nVidia Geforce GT 650M NOT DETECTED on Inspiron 17R SE 7720 after BIOS A11 Update

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Hi everyone,

A week ago I did some updating on my Inspiron 17R SE 7720 including Bios update to the A11 version. Unfortunately after this update I realized that the nVidia Geforce GT 650M graphics card was gone from my system.

I read other posts and people that have come across this issue suggested that re-installing the bios would fix the problem, however in my case it did not.

Also I have installed the newly released BIOS A12 and A13 versions but non of these have fixed this issue.

Also re-installing windows does not either fix this as suggested by others in other posts.

I have also run the computer diagnostics from the bios and the card does not show up there either, is like if the nVidia Geforce GT 650M graphics card was not installed on the system.

Lastly I have run a version of Ubuntu on my Inspiron 17R SE 7720 and run a system check and neither the card is detected, just the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is detected on windows or linux.

Please someone from dell help us fix this issue, as it is definitely a BIOS PROBLEM.

If you are one of the unlucky ones like me that saw disappeared the nVidia Geforce GT 650M graphics card from your system, please share your experience with me.

Thanks for your responses.

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After 7 exact months of supplition since I started this discussion Dell has finally done it.

Bios A16 addresses and fixed this isue.

Link to Official Inspiron 7720 System BIOS A16:


Finally, we can get back to gaming!


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  • If Dell is unable to resolve the issue then a comparable motherboard or even notebook should be offered. Provided I get the same or better configuration, I would take the nvidia geforce gtx 635m rather then get stuck with the intel 4000 gpu.

  • Well, I'm having my motherboard replaced for the second time this afternoon. I'll post here how it goes...

  • good luck.

  • I have the misfortune of having purchased two of these systems.  I have had this problem and others on both machines. Both machines have had their motherboards replaced more than once. My original warranty period is now gone. There is a serious flaw with these systems that involves the system overheating at odd times for no apparent reason resulting in motherboard components getting fried. Does anyone on here know anyone in the PC journalism community? PC World, CNET, whatever? The only way we stand a chance of Dell doing right by us is by taking this to a public forum. Otherwise the clock will run out and the day will come where instead of Dell saying 'We're working on it, hold tight' they will say 'You're warranty is gone. There is nothing more we can do for you. Too bad, so sad.'

    This is supposed to be one of their premium systems! This should be a big embarrassment for them.

  • I just got a blue screen (damn they are simpler in windows 8)

    i went to device manager and the gpu wasnt there anymore...

    I re-booted and it came back so that was a major sign of relief, although now I am woried... I didnt have time to write down the error message, is there any way to find it so I can see what cause the blue screen?

  • Folks, not certain if this is related, BUT I appear to have a similar issue on my 7720R SE.

    My issue appears slightly different though, basically I seem to be able to install the drivers for the G650m just fine, it appears in Win8 System Properties fine, under the Intel 4000, however, the issue I have is the when checking the display driver in use it always defaults to using the Intel 4000 driver, it doesn't appear to try to utilise the G650m at all.

    I'm currently using Win 8 on SSD, custom vanilla install.

    Anybody know if there is a way to change the default graphics to using the G650?

  • Not sure if this will help but here is the nvidia optimus technology information:


  • guys the way this is going, those of you with the defect should contact your lawyer and find out if u can file a case in small claims court

    its worth a shot

  • So I'm on my third motherboard now, and it did the same thing as the previous two. It appears to recognize the 650M for a while, but then randomly drops it. I thought I'd approach this latest motherboard differently this time around and so after it dropped the 650M again I went into the Device Manager and uninstalled the Intel HD Graphics 4000 adapter - knowing full well that I was going to lose all of my display since the 650M was not being recognized. (At this point I'm desperate enough to try anything.) Once the device uninstalled, the screen went black but I could still hear Windows prompting me to restart the computer, and so I did. It rebooted... and I was back to getting a video signal on the display again. Seems like Windows 7 reinstalled a base driver for the Intel HD Graphics 4000 adapter just so I could have a very low resolution display. I wasn't shocked when the Device Manager showed the 650M as being recognized again as it always does that upon a reboot, but one thing was different this time. The NVIDIA control panel claimed that I didn't have a compatible card installed, my desktop monitor for my graphics card wasn't responding, BUT all of the options under Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings showed the 650M as the display adapter.

    I just flat out don't get this at all. I had the Intel HD Graphics 4000 update its driver, and ever since then, my 650M has yet to drop out. I've thrown a few games at it, and it is still working. I cannot explain why, and that bothers me greatly. The technician that Dell sent to replace the motherboard twice now is also very confused as to why this system is showing two display adapters in the Device Manager. Primarily, should this system even BE showing two graphics adapters at all? Second, if so, why is it that if both of them are installed properly and both of them have the most updated drivers would the system then randomly drop one of them? And third, why would uninstalling the Intel HD Graphics 4000 device and then reinstalling it make any difference?

    I'm walking on eggshells right now just anticipating that any second this system is going to drop its 650M just like it has previously. If it does, I can absolutely conclude that replacing the motherboard is NOT helping at all. I'm running the A15 BIOS on each one of these which I've tried.

  • Well my laptop died last night... all of a sudden it turned off, and then wouldn't turn on at all so I assume power supply went out. Called dell and getting a motherboard replacement tomorrow so I hope everything goes smoothly and the gpu remains recognized. I will have to wait and see I guess. L Also to the above poster, please update us periodically to tell us if u can still see the 650m cause if yes, then what u did may be a solution.
  • ^^ If you have read the rest of the thread you would realise that is NOT a solution as its not operating system dependant.

    Also you can't say that swapping the motherboard is NOT helping. Of course it is, you get a new motherboard, it works again for a while. This 1 has lasted me now about 3 months. It helped because BEFORE i swapped the motherboard i had NO Nvidia GPU detected. So it helped, obviously. We just all are in the same boat that any minute our 650 could dissapear on us and then we need another new motherboard. Also OFC not EVERYONE who has a 7720 SE laptop has this issue or the thread here would be ten times bigger and DEll would have had to do a product recal on it. You only know about people with the issue, not the people without it. They could have sold 100,000 of these laptops and here there are just 100 people with the issue.





  • You must also count these people who are unaware of this issue, because they dont play videogames to test their performance.

    I think its really absurd to get the faulty replacement 3 times in the row....

  • ^^ LOL. Do you know what a rhetorical question is?

    And so, just like that, it's happened again this morning. Upon startup at 8am, the machine shows its 650M in the Device Manager. About 3 hours later I see that my monitor on the desktop has stopped receiving feedback from the card, and that what was formerly the 650M in the Device Manager is now back to being Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. With a restart of the system, it's gone back to being recognized correctly as 650M. I haven't played any games this morning or done anything which would have even remotely "stressed" the card beyond its normal work routine activity.

    So, looks like I may be in for a 4th motherboard in less than a month's time. If this doesn't say "lemon," then I don't know what does. These are screenshots from several days ago when I was on my second motherboard. This is exactly what keeps happening on each motherboard. OS is Windows 7 Ultimate, my own licensed copy of it. All Dell drivers were downloaded from the website and installed just like I've done with every other laptop I've ever bought from Dell.

    Here's the "before" image of what I see when the machine loses its recognition of the card.

    And here's the "after" image of a plain ol' reboot. Now it's back to recognizing the card.

    No idea how long it will last this time.

  • I have the 7720 with the 650m gpu. How ever suddenly i had to face with the issue when my gpu wasn`t recognized. How ever i fixed it ! So it came into my mind when i had my HP3310 i had the same issue with the integrated chip on it. When its over heated the zinc got melted again , and after when it cooled down how ever it got rock again with causing connectivity issue. So after searching there is machine in most pc shop that heats the cpu up or gpu and also melts the zinc in its bed again and so everything will just work fine. Also you have to keep your laptop running cool , by installing the copper shim and silver compound. Also clear the ventilation airflow free of object of any kind . 

  • First of all, I didn't pay this much for a laptop to have to baby it like it's made of fine china. I feel like that guy in the famous clip on the tech show where he has the one of a kind early recording that looks like a record shaped like a toilet paper cardboard tube. He's so nervous his hands are shaking and the thing just shatters. That's this laptop.

    Again, not to beat a dead horse, but this isn't one of their entry level machines. This is a so called Special Edition. It's supposed to have higher end specs and performance, even if it comes in a cheap case that creaks when I rest my wrists near the trackpad. But I digress.

    I'm a layman, but I share your assessment of what is happening here. The motherboard can't handle the nVidia 650m. Perhaps it's the placement relative to the airflow - the 650m isn't getting enough air to cool down. Regardless, it's an inherent hardware design flaw. No new BIOS will fix this. Eventually, we will all be off of warranty, our motherboards will give out, Dell will quit caring and we'll be told to pound sand. This is not fair to us as customers because the laptop was NEVER FIT FOR ITS STATED AND INTENDED PURPOSE TO BEGIN WITH. (You'll want to look up the right legalese to say that in if you end up going to small claims court over this.)

    Regarding the PC shop machine that can re-set any melted components, that isn't something that should be happening in the first place, and it certainly isn't something any customers should have to be dealing with. It's for DELL to deal with. And since we're not sending our machines in every time they overheat like this, we are back to the core issue of what needs to happen: RECALL THESE MACHINES.

    This isn't the only thread like this. This isn't the only forum where there are threads. We are not alone. When I called in one time, the tech was talking to her manager with her hand over her mic, but I heard her say 'It's another fried 7720 motherboard.' Come on Dell! Please talk to your engineers. Please do what's right on this.