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nVidia Geforce GT 650M NOT DETECTED on Inspiron 17R SE 7720 after BIOS A11 Update


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nVidia Geforce GT 650M NOT DETECTED on Inspiron 17R SE 7720 after BIOS A11 Update

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Hi everyone,

A week ago I did some updating on my Inspiron 17R SE 7720 including Bios update to the A11 version. Unfortunately after this update I realized that the nVidia Geforce GT 650M graphics card was gone from my system.

I read other posts and people that have come across this issue suggested that re-installing the bios would fix the problem, however in my case it did not.

Also I have installed the newly released BIOS A12 and A13 versions but non of these have fixed this issue.

Also re-installing windows does not either fix this as suggested by others in other posts.

I have also run the computer diagnostics from the bios and the card does not show up there either, is like if the nVidia Geforce GT 650M graphics card was not installed on the system.

Lastly I have run a version of Ubuntu on my Inspiron 17R SE 7720 and run a system check and neither the card is detected, just the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is detected on windows or linux.

Please someone from dell help us fix this issue, as it is definitely a BIOS PROBLEM.

If you are one of the unlucky ones like me that saw disappeared the nVidia Geforce GT 650M graphics card from your system, please share your experience with me.

Thanks for your responses.

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After 7 exact months of supplition since I started this discussion Dell has finally done it.

Bios A16 addresses and fixed this isue.

Link to Official Inspiron 7720 System BIOS A16:


Finally, we can get back to gaming!


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  • If anyone from Dell was actually reading these forums you are mistaken.. There was one indication of a dell employee on one of the first pages, but deleting a e-mail adres is just something some low-wage intern is checking. And maybe it just goes by an automated progress or the post is triggerd by an e-mail adres.

    If i put email (at) domain (dot) com it would probably don't be deteled.  But let's put it to the test :).

    Anyone who got a test bios, screw dell policy and just spread it among us. Mail me the file at :

    omega-thunder (at) hot mail (dot) com  and i'll post it online and a link here. I had it with Dell's sluggish actions..

  • Even if a Dell admin on here told me "not to rush to replace my motherboard" there is no way im sitting with a laptop with a faulty motherboard/graphics card/bios when i know i can claim a new one under warranty. If mine goes again i'll be on the phone the same minute requesting an engineer to come and swap it out. They come to my work if i want so its absolutely no skin off my nose. Good deal for me, im getting a new mobo every time it happens with a 1 year warranty on that because every time they replace a part the 1 year warranty starts again on that part.

  • That is good food for thought. I hadn't realized that if your "official" warranty ran out, the coverage for your motherboard would continue if Dell had only replaced it a few months back. Thanks for the info.

    I wonder if the problem is really BIOS or software, or if there are faulty motherboards being swapped for other faulty ones under warranty, and that is why mobo replacements in most cases is not solving the problem. Maybe Dell is really working on a new version of the motherboard.

  • There is no problem in motherboard, I think. Because I fix this porblem, but unfortunately I do not know how...Maybe when nVidia disappear, helps disconnect AC/DC adaptor, remove the baterry, open the machine (cover under) and remove the small baterry from motherboard - the BIOS will be definitely and completely reseted and problem may be resolved. It is my opinion. If the problem will come again, I try it. I hope that this solution help and I hope that access to baterry on motherboard will be accessiable after uncover machine.

  • Well the mobo's aren't new according to the engineer who came. He said they are refurbs themselves. Which i suppose some could be new (if they were returned or whatever for another reason, or they came out of a laptop that had say a screen issue from new)... I asked if i could keep the mobo he took out, when he came to do the thermal paste but was told to swap the mobo, but he said he had to return all the parts he swaps etc. Shame.

    My service tag isn't even for a 7720. Its for a 5720 so they're always confused when i ring them too because it doesn't match.

    Another bonus of getting a new mobo is you get a dell win 8 OEM CD key. Which ofc you dont get with the original system because its stored in the bios. (although there is software to extract that). Currently now i have 3 windows 8 OEM keys. The original, the swap out for no graphics card and the swap out from the thermal paste.

  • rnak2 to rest the bios you just remove AC adaptor, remove battery and hold power button in for 30 seconds. We have all tried that on here. Sometimes people can get their graphics card back, some other people can't. Also note that stripping the laptop down too much will void your warranty. I was told if i apply thermal paste myself that will void my warranty.

    If the fix was as simple as what you suggested they wouldnt have already wasted thousands for engineer visits and swap outs. They must be aware its something more sinister. VRAM bios corrupt or something.

  • I do not think that warranty will be void, becaute there is no signet on cover under. You can upgrade your laptop during warranty too. (Better HDD, RAM)

  • I have spoke to some of you via private messaging.  I wanted to step in today and give a brief update.  Some of you may know this but Dell engineering is working on a new BIOS update to correct any issues with the Nvidia Optimus video adapter on the Inspiron 17r SE disappearing from device manager.   The bios revision is currently in beta but hopefully it will be made available shortly.

    Until then if you are having issues with the GPU vanishing from the device manager and would like to try a service please feel free to send me a private message with the service tag of your notebook.  I am sorry for the inconvenience in all of this.



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  • Thank you Terry

    Seems the A15 update then is supposed to address this issue ? But wasn't the A14 also supposed to address it ? Is this new bios update specifically designed for this, or is it a "we hope it" might fix it amongst other changes ?


  • adamkm

    A14 was primarly to correct boot problems with Windows 8 mentioned in the following document. The beta version that engineering is currently working on is specifically to correct problems with the Nvidia driver not showing in device manager on the 17r SE. 



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  • Finally, some answers....

  • How about Standard VGA Graphics Adapter problem ?

  • Thanks for getting in touch with community of users who are having this problem Terry.


    Out of curiosity, who installed an SSD on their laptop and noticed the issue of the GT650M adapter disappearing?


    I installed my SSD before I did anything else so either way it wasn't available for me but it showed as faded out when showing hidden devices in Device Manager.

  • I'm having these issues too.  Tried almost everything to fix this!

  • One day uptime and gf650 is still gf650 not a  standard VGA graphics adapter. I did bios reset by removing battery and hold power button over one minute. Bios version A14.