laptop just restarts after adding 4 GB ram + BSOD error in safemode


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laptop just restarts after adding 4 GB ram + BSOD error in safemode

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I have Dell N4010 laptop with 4GB ram (1333 Mhz, 2X2) purchased in Jan 2011. Recently I bought transcend 4GB 1333 and have removed existing 2GB ram and replaced with 4GB to increase the physical memory to 6GB. I can see that the ram has been detected and the total is showing up in Bios. After this, the system does not boot, it just keep restarting.

I tried to start with safemode, however the files load but at the end, I receive a blue screen with error like '...Bad pool header...'.

OS: Windows 7 x64

Bios version: A13

please advise/ let me know if you require any information.

Thanks, Santosh

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  • If the system works with the original RAM, try just hte new RAM alone.  If it doesn't work that way, it's either faulty or incompatible RAM.

  • Hi,

    When I ran with the new ram alone, I am facing 'IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL_ERROR' BSOD.

    I have checked the system specifications and found that 'the ram speed has been capped to 1066 though it is 1333 mhz'. By this I understand that the current running 2X2GB rams are running at 1066 Mhz. How is this impacting my new ram? Is there any specification that I have to change in BIOS or other place?

    Please advise.


  • Hi,

    Is this issue got resolved ? I am also facing the same issue.