AMD Catalyst 13.1 for Alienware m17x R4 7970m


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AMD Catalyst 13.1 for Alienware m17x R4 7970m

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AMD Catalyst 13.1 has been released the other day.. There's many performance increases for games.. I can't install the driver supplied by AMD. Is there a work-around? or will Dell be releasing and update to their Alienware m17x R4 7970m driver?

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  • u need the 13.1 mobility driver for the 7970m . i couldnt install the driver from the amd side too, because this driver was not the mobilty 13.1 .

    here download and install the 13.1 mobilty driver here

    this driver is working good. 

  • Thank You!! This worked.. I tried the Mobility drivers earlier without them working..

    ..What I overlooked was installing the Intel 4000 driver too.. It looks like i needed both for the AMD one to work.

    Thanks for the reply! :)