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XPS 12 Touchpad Woes


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XPS 12 Touchpad Woes

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Before I bought my XPS I read reviews praising the touch pad on this thing. I don't know if I have something defective or what but I won't be singing its praises. I am constantly fighting to get it to recognized that I am telling it to move and the clicking is TERRIBLE. I have it set to the fastest click setting and highest pressure setting and it's still <profanity>. I'll click one time and it won't register, and then another time it will register a single click as a double click. I'm kind of at a loss with this thing. Every other part of it is excellent, I love the screen and the touch part of the screen, and the keyboard is ace. Has anyone experienced this? Any tips to tame this crazy thing, other than a USB mouse, which I am using more and more because of this mess. I checked and I have the latest drivers/software installed for it (cypress touch pad).  It will be 10 days old tomorrow and I seriously don't know if I can take 10 more days of this. Just now, while choosing tags, I'd click to select a tag and it would put a check mark in the box and take it right back out, just like it would do if you intentionally double clicked.

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  • when you changed the settings did you do it through the cypress tracpad editor or in the control panel?

  • I have the same problem. I can change various settings using the Dell Point Devices manager available in the Windows tray, but none fix the problem. I am running version of the Dell Pointing Devices software, which lists the touchpad as a Cypress TrueTouch MultiTouch Trackpad.

    The problem is a simple switch debouncing. There is no separate button on the touchpad, so you press the touchpad to click. (There is a special lower-left area to press for a left click, and a lower-right area to right-click.) When you click, often two clicks get registered, commonly known as a "bounce" in switches. A simple solution would be to detect two clicks that have less than a given time interval between, so that the second click can be ignored. Just ignore a click if it happens too soon after a previous click (say 10 ms).

    I've been able to look up the registry settings for this driver, but none of them seem to indicate a parameter for debouncing or ignoring second clicks too soon after a click. Is anyone aware of such a registry entry or driver setting? Could one be added?

  • Same here, touchpad is IMPOSSIBLE to use with the latest Cypress driver.

    Only solution I found is uninstall the driver completely. Leaves you with a crappy trackpad but at least it is is "usable".

    I really can't understand how someone can ship any laptop with a trackpad like this. A warning to anyone who thinks about buying a XPS12, be prepared to use it mouse only...

  • I never thought about uninstalling the software, I may have to give that a shot.

    I agree, this computer could be the best one I've ever owned (and I've owned a bunch) but the touchpad has to be the worst I've ever used and that just sours my opinion on the whole computer.  I've resorted to a bluetooth mouse just to reduce the thoughts of throwing it across the room at times.

    There is nothing, NOTHING, that the touchpad does well.  It ignores movement commands, and most times throws a gesture in there just to infuriate you further. The clicking is a joke, as horrible joke, but a joke nontheless. You left click and you usually get a double left click, or if it's feeling extra spunky it gives you a right click! It's a gamble every time I try to click something!

    I check at least weekly for updates to the software, hoping, no, praying that it will bring improvement but it never does. I'm currently running, which at the time of posting is current. I had to disable some of the gestures because moving the cursor around resulted in it interpreting it as a gesture.

    I am now going to try what oox suggested and remove the cypress  software, maybe that will improve things.  I think they tried to get too fancy with it. All we want it to do is work, I'd start there to begin with Dell and once you can actually get it to work maybe think about features.

    If removing the software doesn't help I may seriously look at replacing it with one from a different computer.

  • Honestly, Dell I hate me for buying this useless piece of garbage but you even more for selling it.

  • I too am about to go crazy due to the very unreliable touchpad behavior. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  • Ahhhh, hallelujah. Proof that my unit is not the only defective one, we're all in track pad <profanity> together. Mine is exhibiting all of the previously mentioned issues-- the joyous tendency of my cursor to freeze for 5 seconds every two minutes is particularly charming. My track pad also seems to be registering some mystery gesture that flips between open apps. You're killing me here, XPS12. You're KILL-ING ME.

  • I bought this machine as well back in April. I absolutely CAN"T STAND the trackpad. It is useless and if I could return this laptop I would. I know I'll never buy another DELL anything. FIx this DELL.

  • Any fixes yet?  I'm having the same problems.  I just listed mine on Ebay, because I'm sick of it.

    I'd love to keep it, but I'm fed up.  I've had two other XPS laptops, and they worked well.  If Dell doesn't provide a fix, I'm going to buy a different brand next time.  I was loyal, but after getting railed out of $1200, loyalty only goes so far.

  • If I can't get it exchanged by Dell, I'm listing mine as well. So... sick of this. :/

    The novelty of the convertible is just not enough to make up for all of the issues.

    And get this-- they're releasing a new model with all sorts of hardware upgrades. Harsh, Dell. Harsh.

  • Mine is working much better today. I found the discussion below on one of the forums. I uninstalled the driver and re-installed the new driver as recommended in the discussion below. I also went into "uninstall a program" and deleted Cypress. I can actually say my XPS is usable. I won't say it is perfect, but it is much better. Still pretty <profanity> they are releasing a new version with an upgraded battery. I don't care about the faster processor. I have an i7 processor, and it is plenty quick for my needs. However, the battery <profanity>. I'd be interested in buying one of the new batteries and installing it myself.


  • Anyone know if Dell has upgraded the touchpad, wireless network card and touchscreen in the latest version?

  • I can verify that I've bought the refreshed XPS12 (haswell) and I'm having major issues with the touchpad - jumps to completely different parts of a page when scrolling, clicks fail to register, generally unreliable and annoying. Hoping an update of driver will fix it up but not holding my breath.

  • Just an update on this, I uninstalled the touchpad drivers, restarted and installed the latest driver as described here http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19498036.aspx

    Touchpad seems to be working much better now :) 

  • Hi I had this problem with my xps 12 talked to Dell who were  excellent. I had upgraded to Windows 8.1, solution is to uninstall and remove all drivers and files relating to touch pad, restart xps and load the latest windows 8.1 drivers version 22/08/2013 Cypress Semiconductor.Inc make sure you download them before restarting (just easier). Dell also said they would send a USB stick with all  latest  recovery and system restore files and all  updated  drivers within 24 hrs. No more problems with touch pad.


    Also had touch screen problems but this was due to power saving issues

    Device Manager --> Human Interface Devices --> USB Input Device (FIRST one; ignore the two after it) --> Power Management tab --> 

    - uncheck the box "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"


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