I have a Dell inspiron 1764 and Recently the USB ports stopped working. As a very experienced IT technician I have tried everything to fix it, reinstalled windows 7 used 5 different driver programs to find the correct driver and have downloaded every single driver for the laptop from both the dell website and from the programs I used. I have checked the device manager and clearly it seems as if the USB ports were not there, windows 7 doesnt even go and look for the driver as it thinks all the drivers needed are there. I have checked the current and the voltage of the motherboard and clearly there is current going into all 4 USB ports, ie when i plug in my external hard drive it spins up but wont show up, the same happens if I plug in a flash drive etc...

Also some of the keys on the keyboard wont work, I have bought a brand new genuine dell keyboard and unluckily for me , the same keys dont work, so I ordered another one and found out again that the same keys dont work.

I wonder whether updating the BIOS would help at all

Any help would be great, as I  have no idea whats wrong with it, everything else still works apart from these 2 faults

Many thanks