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Have these devices started shipping yet?  I have a delivery date of 12/21, but I keep seeing the dates for new orders moving out constantly.  Maybe it is simply that production time from the order date and not the initial production being delayed even further... 

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  • When did you order yours?  Mine still shows in production but they sent me an email a couple of days ago saying it shipped. No tracking number online yet.

  • 11/2/12..ordered on 10\2512...but dell rep didn't add accidental made them cancel order and reordered online myself..

  • 11/2/12..ordered on 10\2512...but dell rep didn't add accidental made them cancel order and reordered online myself..

  • Maybe that means I will get mine in a week. I hope so. I can't wait to get it!  

  • Got an email this afternoon that my tablet has shipped.  No tracking number or updated status on the order page, so we'll see if those show up tomorrow.

    Mine was ordered  11/ may actually show up on the 9th like the last update says!

  • Dell called me and left me a voicemail saying my order is in its final stages and is still expected to deliver by the 11th. They said they don't have the tracking number yet and will contact me with that as soon as they have it. So, basically the same info as a few days ago. Anyone else have any updates?  "Allowing latitude but" did you get yours?  

  • it today installing Microsoft Office 2010...and Roxio Creator great...

  • Jealous. Mine still shows in production with estimated delivery of 1/24/13. From Dell rep "it’s still in production stage. As per our Fulfillment Team, this product is on an "Allocation Hold" with no expedites. Orders will be released through the FIFO process (First In First Out). It has an estimated delivery date of 01/24/13." Anxiously awaiting.

  • Dell Latitude 10

    Status: Shipped  

    Estimated Delivery Date: 1/11/2013 (updated)

  • My Estimated Delivery Date has not changed.  It's still 1/11/2013 (updated) since a week ago.  They usually change my delivery date every Monday night.  They said mine is in it's final stages so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  I want to see the status change to Shipped today!  Come on Dell!  

  • I ordered my Latitude 10 with the AT&T air card. Could this be part of the delay? Have those that have taken delivery have this option?

  • For what its worth, I wouldn't worry too much about the tracking numbers not being updated.  The "shipped" part is what matters.  I have received orders in the past before the tracking number was even available in the Fedex system, and it came early even.  So, yes the delays suck, but my experience tells me if it says its shipped and coming on the 11th, it will be there by then or sooner, regardless of real-time tracking info.  

  • LOL as I was writing that last post, the tracking info in Fed Ex finally showed up.  Its in Nashville and on its way to me by Friday in AZ.    See?  Stay positive.  :)

  • Vox9, That's just it....  Dell sent me an email saying it shipped but the status still says "In-Production" and no tracking number and Dell called me again last night and said it's in it's final stages and they don't have the tracking number yet but they will call me when they get that information.  She also said it's still scheduled to be delivered on or before 1/11.  

  • I'm staying positive though.  :)