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Dell XPS-12 Cypress Track Pad problems.


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Dell XPS-12 Cypress Track Pad problems.

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I just got my XPS-12 and I'm happy with it, except for the track pad. Here are the problems:

1. On many occasions, a single click is generates a double click. Since I am only single clicking, this behavior has nothing to do with the double click speed.

2. Gestures are turned off, but when I slide from the left edge to the center, it causes the apps to change like I am swiping from the left edge of the screen. Did I mention that I turned off gestures?

3. The track pad goes to sleep. It simply stops responding. I take my hands away from the track pad for 5 seconds and then try again, and it's back to working.

The author of this article has the same problems:

I never realized how much a <ADMIN NOTE: Profane word edited as per TOU> track pad could cause me to lose so much time, but this is terrible.  I checked, and I do have the latest driver #

Dell, can you help us? 



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  • I am having exactly the same difficulties...trackpad stops working intermittently, seems to work again after a click using the touchscreen

  • The 2  biggest problems for me:

    1. Goes to sleep

    2. Double clicks when I only single clicked.

    I'm using a mouse, and I'm frustrated that I just paid a ton on money for this computer, and was then forced to go out an buy a mouse. Another thing to carry around...

    Dell, can you help us????

  • New drivers just out today (Dec 7) Trackpad issues still exist but I've noticed some improvement.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I installed the update. No difference for me. It still goes to sleep. Every third or fourth single click is still treated as a double click.

    My configuration is:

    In Cypress setting, I turn off tapping to click, and I turn off one finger gestures. I max the pointer speed. I min the touch pressure.  

    In mouse settings,  I have pointer trails on, and ctrl key to locate is on.

    This update has no information about what was updated so we have no idea what to look for..

    With practice, I'm finding that if I push and hold the mouse button down for a half second, and then let up on it, the single click works better (does not double click). I'm still better off using my mouse.

    I love this computer, except for this...

    Dell, can you make me a happy person?

  • Actually, I think I do see a change in this new driver operation.

    It looks like the "swipe from left" problem has changed, The left swipe was triggering even when gestures were turned off. It was also triggering when you were not near the edge. Now, it appears that left, right, top swiping doesn't work at all.

    I'm ok with that, cause I use the screen for these operations, and I usually turn them off anyways. From that perspective, the trackpad feels more stable, but it's still broken.

    Is anyone testing this software????

    Is this a Cypress problem? Maybe Dell can give us a replacement from a company that tests their software....

  • I have the exact same issues as described above with my XPS12

  • I'm having the same issues with my XPS 12. One other issue I have is that the pointer settings (speed, sensitivity) are always reset to default when I restart the machine.

    I've just updated to the new driver, and that particular problem still exists. I'm surprised and disappointed that such a basic problem has escaped quality testing for at least two releases.

    On the whole, I'm finding the trackpad to be so troublesome that it's almost enough to return the machine to the store.

  • I agree. Regarding the settings being reset, be sure that you are clicking the "SAVE" button between each screen or it doesn't save. I'm not sure if you're like me, but I didn't notice the Save button, so I wasn't even saving.

    In either case, this trackpad is bad enough to call the whole thing off and return this to the store. Maybe that will get Dells attention.

    Did you also notice that when waking from sleep mode, on many occasions you won't have a mouse pointer....

    Currently, I have an external mouse that works great.

    Here is one path that I'm exploring. My problem with a single click triggering a double click might be caused by switching to the "High Performance" power plan setting. Maybe not, but I notice that I don't have the problem that often when I'm on the road and I turn down to "Power Saver". When I get home and setup at the table, I switch to High Performance and that's when I seem to have major problems.  

    Maybe Dell can fix it....

  • Seriously? An admin note for that word. I wish you would fix the root cause instead of worrying about the a word that isn't even a swear...

  • Yeah, I'm clicking the Save button for each screen. The changes work, but then they vanish when I reboot.

    For me, the single-click-double-click problem hasn't been happening very often. But it does happen. I use the Dell power plan and never change it.

    I haven't noticed the problem with the mouse pointer disappearing after sleep.

    I'm probably going to try to return mine, based on the combination of troubles I'm having. Aside from the trackpad problems, I have a few other issues. The two worst: my machine sometimes emits a very high pitch whine which hurts my ears (it doesn't come from the speakers), and the wifi is very unreliable - it frequently stops working and I have to use the networking troubleshooter to revive it.

    It's a shame because this is a beautiful machine in most other respects.

  • I agree. This could be an awesome machine...

    And I don't see Dell doing anything about it. The Surface Pro is looking pretty good. I have the Surface RT and I love the form factor, but I need a real computer.

  • If Dell wasn't doing anything about it then they wouldn't bother with software updates??  Give it some time and I believe that these issues will be worked out.

  • Agreed.  Absolutely terrible trackpad (fully updated).  Makes the whole device unusable (without a mouse).  I have used track pads for 20 years and I'm quite good with them, but I cannot even drag an icon on my desktop successfully with this piece of crap.  Can't do it.  After 20 attempts, I used the touch screen.  

  • I hope you're right. Doesn't it make you wonder how something as obvious as this could be released?  With the exception of this, I like this computer. It forces me to use the touch screen more.

  • I'm having the same problem too, but it just started today.  I've had the machine for about a month.  Has anyone found an answer?  Dell, please help us.