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Dell Inspiron N5110 battery problem


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Dell Inspiron N5110 battery problem

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Ok, here's the problem I have:
Yesterday my laptop was connected to the AC Adapter, with the Battery Recharge function off, but the battery plugged in. I disconnected it from de AC Adapter and then turn off, I connected it again and then the battery indicator led on the front of the laptop started blinking four times orange led and one time white led. And it doesn't work if I don't have it plugged in to the electrical take. Also I entered the Dell Extended Battery (or whatever its named) and checked for the battery health and it says it's working normal.  What should I do? I'm a student so I have to use my laptop, so please help me out with this.

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  • Hi

    thanks, I tried this, but doesnt works for me..

  • hi

    i has a Different  problem but may be help

    my lap inspiron n5110

    i turned my lap off (work withe only battery )  and when  i turn it on again the lap doesn't response so i think that their is a problem withe the battery so i connected
    the ac adapter but it doesn't work and the charging  led of battery doesn't turn on

    i disconnect the battery and turn on the lap it works but after i turned it off and reconnect the battery the same problem back and it doesn't work withe the battery connected even withe connecting the ac adapter it doesn't work only withe the ac adapter connected only

    i searched on internet but cant solve

    i know that their is an electric circuit in the lap to disconnect the battery if i want to work on ac power only

    withe out Physically disconnecting the battery  and these circuit make something called "latch"

    i thought that the problem withe these part

    so finally i try to connect the ac adapter but don't tun on the lap i connect the battery first

    and woooooooooo the battery charging led is turned on i disconnect the ac adapter and turn on the lap and it works and every thing back normal

  • i have a dell inspiron n5110,

    my battery is not charging the laptop & when i put the cursor on the battery option it is written that plugged in, not charging!!!!!!!!

    can somebody help me to solve this problem.........


    Sachin S


  • There is and issue with those 3 LEDs in the bottom left corner of my n5110. The battery is working fine (although it is old and weak it still gives a reasonable 40-50 minutes run-time). However, for the past few days I've been seeing this red light that blinks 4 times followed by a white light.

    My battery charges fine and my laptop runs on battery just fine as well.

    What do these blinking lights mean then?


  • Hi laez90,

    I would suggest you to check if the light stops blinking once you remove the battery. If yes, then its the battery thats not working fine.

    I would suggest you to run diagnostics on the battery. Use the link:

    If you see any errors, you'll have to replace the battery.

    Please let me know the findings.

    Thanks and Regards
    Priyanka S

  • I have similar problem. When I connect power adapter, some times battery indicator shows charging and lot of other times there is no battery indicator lighted. Some times computer can be power on and when it starts last time I found charging is 89%. Next time no charging, no power on and so on. If computer is on and try to connect power adapter, computer get off immediately. laptop is N5050. This laptop was purchased by my office.

  • Hi prabathca,

    I would suggest you to perform flea power. Remove the AC adapter and battery, now hold the power button down for 15-20 seconds and then put the battery and the adapter back in and start the computer. Check if it works.

    If the issue persists, connect the AC adapter to a known good power outlet, and check the status of power LED on AC Adapter without being plugged into the laptop.

    If LED on the AC adapter is not lit without being plugged into the laptop reseat brick and cable. The issue still persists, may be the AC adapter has gone bad. Test with a good known AC adapter.

    LED on the AC Adapter goes off after connecting to notebook, may be it is shorting and hence you may have to replace motherboard.

    Also, check for any damage on the laptop port or AC adapter.

    Please reply.

    Thanks and Regards
    Priyanka S

  • I have performed flea power and it didn't work.

    AC adapter is OK as it works with other same type dell laptops.


    Thanks for your prompt response. I've been able to troubleshoot the problem by removing and reinserting the battery several times and yes, as you suggested, the blinking lights did go off when I removed the battery. However, it was only after reinserting the battery several times that I was able to get rid of the blinking lights permanently. Following this, I started seeing errors popping up on the battery icon at the bottom right of my desktop suggesting me to "consider changing my battery" and that my battery health was critically low. However, those messages no longer exist either and my laptop is operating normally now.

    Furthermore, after running the power efficiency diagnostic report in Windows 7 I was able to see that my battery health is indeed very poor and the last recharge was significantly lower than the design capacity. Probably that's what was causing all these errors.

    I guess I'm lucky it all fixed itself. Nevertheless, this is definitely a good time for a new battery.

  • Hi prabathca,

    As the system goes off immediately after connecting AC Adapter, seems that it is shorting and hence you may have to replace motherboard.

    Since the system is not in warranty, I would recommend you to contact a local technician.

    If you need further assistance, please reply.

    Thanks and Regards
    Priyanka S

  • Hi Priyanka S,

    its showing that my inspiron n5110's battery is 0% available (plugged in, not charging), and it shuts down whenever i unplug the adopter. last night it was working fine, and i dont know what happened to it suddenly :/ ....

    please help me out with this prb! :)

  • Hi HasanRizvi,

    Welcome to Dell Community Forum.

    All rechargeable batteries wear out with time and usage. As time and cumulative use increase, the performance will degrade. For the typical user, noticeable reduction in run time generally will be observed after 18 to 24 months. For a power user, reduction in run time generally may be experienced prior to 18 months.

    Your Dell battery has an LED indicator that allows you to see how much run time and overall battery life are available at the touch of a button. To check battery charge, press the button and the number of lights that appear will tell you charge status. If all lights appear, you have a fully charged battery. Each light that appears accounts for approximately 20% charge. To check the battery health, press and hold the status button on the battery charge gauge for at least 5 seconds. If no lights appear, the battery is in good condition and approximately more than 80 percent of its original charge capacity remains. Each light represents incremental degradation. If five lights appear, approximately less than 60 percent of the charge capacity remains, and you should consider replacing the battery.

    You can also click on the link below to troubleshoot the "plugged in, not charging" error message you are getting on your Dell system. There is a video on "Laptop battery plugged in but not charging" which you may find helpful.

    Laptop Battery or Power Issues:

    Please reply with results so that we are able to assist you further.

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita S

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  • Hi HasanRizvi,

    Unfortunately we have not received feedback from you on this topic. If you need continued support, please respond to my post.

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita S

    For easy access to drivers, manuals and product updates, please visit our Support Site .

  • Hi,

    My laptop (N5110) a few days ago started operate only from AC. Battery status LED blinked 4 orange 1 white (temporary battery failure)

    When I opened cover of memory modules. I was surprised because I've found a little metalic part on the PCB the inner back side of battery connector . 

    It was looks like a mount clip or something similar part.
    This little metalic part behaved like a loose cannon and was made a permanent short circuit on PCB.

    I removed it then all battery issue was eliminated and my laptop started working fine

  • still i m facing the same problem