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No mSATA connector on DELL Vostro V3560


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No mSATA connector on DELL Vostro V3560

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Let me start by saying this is my first ever DELL product.

I tried to order a Dell Vostro V3560 with 32GB mSATA SSD. I
was told there was no stock.

I downloaded the only PDF from DELL’s website for the V3560.
In the manual it was explained how to install and remove mSATA card.  Nowhere is it explained that the connector is
not on the board if not ordered with mSATA. Even when using the service tag for
my specific device the

PDF still shows installing and removing with no warning of possibly no

I ordered the V3560 without and an ADATA mSATA 64GB  SSD.

Only to find out I am not able to use the device as DELL
decided to lock me in or save a few cents on a connector.

Please confirm this is the case?

Am I locked into using only DELL supplied memory and Hard
Drives as well?

What about external HDD and Mice?

Please advise what upgrade options I have to make use of a “DELL”

This is a very bad start to what I believed to be a quality
product. I was not purchasing an entry level cheapie.

Please restore my faith in DELL and tell me there is a
mutually acceptable answer.

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  • Hi Shaun,

    Thank you for the input; I regret the experience that you have had.
    I have found the information that you need:
    The mSATA connector is available on a separate daughter board; the Dell part number is 82PYC. This daughter board is optional at the time of purchase and is not a part of the basic configuration. 

    The mSATA card is connected on the reverse side of the USB 3.0 ports daughter board as shown in the image.

    You should be able to connect an external Hard drive or a mouse without any hassle.

    Please do not share personal information on a public forum; use a private message. The Service Tag should be removed from the post by the moderator as per terms of usage because it is considered as your personal information. However, you can delete the Service Tag as well.

    Hope this helps.
    Please reply if you have any further questions.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Manpreet C
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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your response.

    In the official PDF on DELL support website mention is made of the mSATA board being on the LAN board. I have seen the pictures and know exactly where it is supposed to go.

    Yes it also has USB3 ports.

    The documentation makes no mention of there being different boards.

    Even when I use the service tag for my “Basic Configuration” I get the same document with no mention of a basic configuration or the fact mSATA is optional.

    See pg 39 of om_en.pdf (Dell Vostro 3560 Owner's Manual). Poor document name, no proper document number or version information in the document.

    I did not realise I was purchasing a basic configuration or that Dell would make such poor decisions and not document. It also seems crazy that such a device should be so difficult to get to.

    i did not think a 3rd generation i5 WITH USB3, 7200 rpm HDD and 6GB RAM was a basic package.

    You did not respond to:

    Am I locked into using DELL memory and HDD or not?

    Must I use DELL supplied mSATA card?

    What is the maximum supported mSATA card?

    I will try to contact our local South Africa representative again. I am not very optimistic.

    Once again very disappointed as a first time 3 day old Dell customer.

  • The daughter board is the only Dell-proprietary part of the system.  The mSATA card is not proprietary (you can use any 32G mSATA card that fits the system).  The system RAM and hard drive are completely standard parts.

  • iam also looking for this daughter board 82PYC. How much is it and where can I order it?

  • where can i order it and how much?

  • Hello Shaun,

    Im facing right now the same problem as you! Yesterday I wanted to upgrade my vostro 3560 (i7, 8GB, 750/7,2k, 76701GB) by my already bought 128 GB SSD mSATA disk, but surprisingly found no connector on the LAN board. Then I found this thread. I would like to ask you, if there is any progress at your side... did DELL replaced your LAN board, or have you at least tried to ask them?

    Many thanks for any advice, because this has made me a very angry and disappointed DELL customer. If there is no chance to replace the LAN board, I'm concidering returning this laptop and buying LENOVO, which is much clearer to their customers.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately no progress.

    How do I go about asking Dell to replace my board?

    If you have the option, I would return the device ASAP.

    I tried and was told it was not possible unless the entire device failed (dead
    out the box).

    I have tried to call Dell in South Africa and their service (sales, technical and
    warranty)sucks is probably the politest way I can express.

    I mentioned to my supplier and he just laughed and said spending one hour on
    the telephone and achieving nothing was normal service from Dell South Africa,
    and that I am wasting my time fighting for a complete LAN board.

    My supplier was kind enough to pass a credit for the mSATA even though I had opened the box.

    What makes me mad is the official Dell documentation provided even after providing
    the specific service tag makes no mention of the fact that there is a LAN board
    with and without the mSATA connector. If at least two parts were shown or a
    note, I would have had some doubt in my mind before trying such an upgrade and
    would not have purchased in the first place.
    If I lived in the US, I guess I could take legal action against Dell.

    For a few cents worth of connector Dell has lost me as a customer and I believe
    there will be others.

    The laptop is not all bad and my wife is enjoying it. At this stage it is our first
    Dell product and probably our last.

    The mSATA is so badly placed it as if it is an old mother board Dell made a plan
    with. If the card is so hidden away it makes absolutely no sense to make two boards. It would not
    surprise me to see a newer revision of this motherboard at a later date.

    Assembly of our laptop was also poor.
    When opening I discovered that only one of the two power supply wires was
    making contact as the other was badly crimped.
    One of the cpu fan wires was also pinched and damaged by the keyboard.

    I am not wasting any more time trying to source one of these boards. It would
    raise my blood pressure further and would probably cost me more money. Every time I look at the laptop
    I am reminded of the very bad experience with Dell.

    I will just vote with my feet. Goodbye Dell.

    Possibly some kind gentleman from Dell Head Office will try to convince me this is not
    how Dell operates. I am not holding my breath though.

    I would rather save the money for our next purchase of a cheap nasty throw away
    product (possibly Korean) with all features as standard.

    Dell is a far cry from what I thought it was.


  • Oh... Im really sorry to hear this. I must admit that at my side DELL has saved its reputation in full range. Yesterday I called the technical support, claimed not working mSATA slot on my daughterboard, and today, here was a technician and replaced my daughterboard for the one with mSATA connector without any doubt. Right now the SSD disk is already inside my laptop.

    Good luck man, if you want, try to press DELL once more. At least here it works. 

  • Hi,

    Thank you for comments and encouragement.

    I needed assistance with downgrading 12 Dell machines to Win7. I called Dell support and after 1 hour of speaking to somebody in India with low speech levels, long delays and not so good speech quality. I finally had success.

    If Dell delivers as promised I will have the new LAN / USB / daughter board with mSATA and Win7 installation media couriered to my door step by close of business today, free of charge.

    Wow, I am impressed. It is just sad I had to fight so hard and for so long.

    Well done Dell in anticipation, this is the type of World Class service I have been told you deliver.

    My telephone just, rang. Yes, it was the courier and everything as promised yesterday.

    Thank you Dell, this is the type of service I was expecting.

    Dell has another happy customer.

  • Wow. Im so happy to hear that you had success as well. It would be so unfair if I had and you not.

    Great news... enjoy that!

  • hi michael, was wondering whether your msata 128gb worked well? did you reap additional benefits beyond a 32gb msata? the specs only mentioned 32gb.

  • You're entire ordeal was caused and could have been prevented by You and You, no one else was to blame or at fault and no one else held the key to it being resolved. You made some faulty assumptions that turned out to be incorrect this is not Dell's fault even if your excuse for the reason you went with your assumption instead of fact checking is that you believed that the manual gave you all the confirmation you needed.

    That can happen to anybody of course, but you chose to blame Dell and even after the employee responded and showed you exactly what part you needed and that it was an optional part that you in fact declined to purchase when you bought your laptop, you should have just called them the moment that part was posted and you wouldn't feel like you "fought hard and long" and would've had what you wanted much earlier.

    So that this isn't all in vane ill clarify for you in case you haven't had it explained to you yet, those manuals are designed to cover all possible dozens of combinations of components to keep the cost of the hardware down and to keep the logistical nightmare of printing dozens of different manuals for all the different custom configurations to a minimum, so when you read those manuals even if all the numbers match up, you can never assume that all of it applies to your machine. 

    Also you seemed to take offense by the employee who posted the part saying something about your machines basic configuration. This is not an insult and basic does not refer to cheap or "not having as much cool features as" it simply means that the machine you ordered had no customization done to it, or that you didn't purchase any upgrades or downgrades that would require custom configuration of the laptop and you therefore got the "base model" or the "basic version", that is no more or less than how Dell posted it on the website.

    lastly before i say goodbye, i found it curious how a "first time dell customer of just a few days who was being so terribly neglected" suddenly had 12 Dell machines he was responsible for putting fresh windows installations on. If you are going to go for the victim angle and blame dell for your erroneous assumptions, it will be much more effective to do so on the phone w/ a customer service rep, as on these forums you aren't likely to find many sympathetic ears especially if you are throwing blame around needlessly.

    Glad that you got youre daughter card so that you could add that mSata drive.

    Michael D.

  • I must say I am facing the same problem here, too. I bought the Vostro 3560 knowing from several online reviews that it came with an unused mSATA port for possible upgrades. Now I am sitting here, with a caching SSD already unpacked for installation, and had to find out (after careful disassembly of some 90% of the laptop) that Dell tried to save a few cents on soldering the mSATA connector to the LAN card. Insert swear word here...

    Best thing: customer support just told me that my computer *should* have the port, according to their documentation... I was somewhat stunned, but I guess I'll call them again and have the LAN card replaced. Unbelievable.

  • Hello!

    I have the same problem. I bought Vostro 3560 with 16Gig of ram, FHD, i5 half year ago. I ordered mSATA intel drive - no mSATA connector. 

    I called to our customer support, they told me that i should go to hell, and this is not a problem. Maybe i should call customer support in other county to fix this problem...