Authentec Software for Studio 1737 Windows 8?


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Authentec Software for Studio 1737 Windows 8?

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Where is it?


Looks like the company no longer supplies it.


Any Substitute?

- Bill XPS 8700 w/ Windows 8.1
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  • bgoodbody,


    Did you try the Authentec AES2810 (Fingerprint Reader W7 64-bit) drivers in the Vista SP2 or Windows 7 Compatibility mode?





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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  • The is not the answer. Win 8 out of the box has the AES2810 drivers. They support signed for WIn 8 When Biometrics are turned on.

    However the Authentec Software is no longer available for purchase just the trial

    - Bill XPS 8700 w/ Windows 8.1
  • Got this to work on my studio 1737 under Windows 8.

    Authen Tec Inc  "TrueSuite Starter" pack here:

    Hope it works for you too.

    They are also giving away the full premium pack, with serial, but have not tried it. Says Windows 7.

  • Cannot get it to actually log in to a web site.

    The Protection Suite Trial does, but not available for sale or with key.

    WIndows logon works without software

    - Bill XPS 8700 w/ Windows 8.1
  • I Know this bears no reference to your problem but i have been trying to load win 8 on my laptop but keep getting media driver missing and tips on how to get past this my main drive is an ssd

  • The SOLUTION for using the Authentec fingerprint reader AES2810 in Windows 8

    I spent a day coming to this answer, and there a ton of solutions on the internet (including on the Dell and Microsoft sites) that did NOT work.   For instance, do not install drivers suggested in this thread (I tried and does not work).

    I have a Dell Studio 1737 with the Authentec AES2810 fingerprint reader.  This should also work for all AES2810 readers in various laptops like HP.

    I updated this week to Windows 8 from Vista 64 bit.    Windows 8 already DOES have the driver (check Biometric Devices in Control Panel) and you will see that it says it is "not enrolled."

    This means you need the software to use the reader, and "enrolling" means you scan your fingerprints in that software.   (I have read that Authentec DigitalPersona software I used with Vista 64 does not work, and I did not have success)

    The solution is to rely on the driver you already see in Biometric Devices for the Authentec 2810 reader and...

    ...go to the Authentec web site and download their free fingerprint reader software (full app, not a trial) at:

    I downloaded the 64 bit version and the PDF manual.   They show the product code at the top, but I did not need it.  Evidently, Authentic no longer supports the reader/software ...but, this software works for not only Windows 8 log in, but launching web sites and folders.  Great app.

    Install this TrueSuite Premium application.  (It does not need compatibility changed).

    Launch the application and it will step you through scanning your fingers ("enrolling"), after it asks for your Windows login password.

    Reboot.  You will now see "Sign in options" under your name where it used to only have a field for you to type in your password the fingerprint symbol, and NOW scan one of your "enrolled" fingers on the reader, and Windows will log in!!

    After log in, you can launch TrueSuite and also assign web sites/folders to any of your 10 fingers.

    I hope this saves other people the suffering of the lost day that I experienced trying to get the Authentec fingerprint reader to work in Windows 8 ...quite stressful.    I only wish I'd known it was this simple!!