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Inspiron volume pop-up meter not working, Quickset doesn't work


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Inspiron volume pop-up meter not working, Quickset doesn't work

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I am having trouble with my Inspiron's volume/screen lighting/wifi indication pop-up.

I recently had my computer sent out to have repairs after a few major complications.

I was told the "heat sink, hard drive and Windows" were replaced.

Everything is working smoothly and I am completely happy with my computer's condition as of now, but the one thing that bothers me is that the pop-ups for the volume, the screen lighting, caps lock and the wifi is now missing. I prefer to have those on screen, which I did have in the previous version of my computer, but once I started my computer up after all of the new repairs, they were gone.

I already did some research and found out that I need Quickset to have these features, which I downloaded and tried to install, yet I kept getting this one pop-up in the middle of installation that says "Not a supporting system".

I have tried multiple different times to install Quickset, but to no avail.

If someone can help me or point me in the right direction without needing me to track down my nearest Dell center (my last resort, really), I would greatly appreciate this.


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    I would suggest you to provide following details:

    1) System Model

    2) Operating system installed

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  • I would say just by looking at the screenshot that the QuickSet version you are trying to install is 64bit and your version of Windows is only 32bit. Just a guess - I'm not sure if there is a 32bit AND 64bit version of QuickSet available.

    See if there are multiple versions of QuickSet available to download for your model of laptop and look for either the 32bit or 64bit version - whatever matches your system.

    You can find out if Windows is 32bit or 64 bit by looking at the guide in the link below: