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DELL Inspiron 15r (n5010): After BIOS update it shutdowns


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DELL Inspiron 15r (n5010): After BIOS update it shutdowns

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Updated BIOS software through Windows 7 x64 OS.

Every-thing went fine... its took about 10mins to flash the BIOS and after Installation it shutdown by it self and won't booted by it self.

Then i tried to boot it... it Passes BIOS normally, while loading  Windows it got  Shutdowns with out any (error) Message, then i tried to reboot it again but no luck... And it also shutdowns in BIOS also it won't heats it is up to normal,

Please help me...

Laptop Details:

Inspiron 15r (n5010) laptop

Intel i5-m450 (2.40 GHz)


320 Hard-Disc

>1,200MB Intel HD Graphics Card

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  • Hi

    I would suggest you to remove the battery, AC adapter and also any external component connected from your laptop. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to discharge any residual current inside the laptop,

    Restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

    If the issue persist, I would  suggest you to reset BIOS to default, follow the below mentioned steps:

    •  Reboot the computer.
    •  When prompted during POST, press the <F2> key to enter the setup screen.
    •  On the System Setup screen, press the <F9> key.
    •  Press the <Enter> key on Yes to Load Optimized Defaults and restart the computer.

    It seems to be a hardware failure, would suggest you to check the warranty of your system from the below mentioned link :

    Please reply if you have any further questions

    Thanks & Regards
    Prateek K

  • Thanks for your Response, Prateek k.

    I have reset the BIOS according to your steps, but the problem

    still persists to crash...

    Whats the matter with it?

  • Hi

    It seems like an issue with the motherboard of the system, I would suggest you to run Dell Diagnostics on the system. To run Dell Diagnostics, turn on the system, press <F12> at the initial Dell logo screen, and select Diagnostics from the boot menu. In case your system shuts down while running Diagnostics or you get any error message, please make a note of it. Also, would request you to provide me following information:

    • Service tag (7 digit alphanumeric code ending with number 1)
    • Your Contact Number, Best Time to Reach and Alternate Phone Number.

    I am sending you a private message; please click on my name highlighted in blue. On the next page, click the envelope icon and provide the system’s Service Tag and contact information so I may access your system records.

    Please revert with the results.

    Thanks & Regards
    Prateek K

  • i'm having the same problem .. i need help please