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Invert my function keys on Windows 8


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Invert my function keys on Windows 8

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If I want to Rename a file I need to press Fn+F2, instead I want to press only F2.

I wan't to invert my function keys on Windows 8. Please help. I'm using Inspiron 14R.

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  • Hi Eknath

    There is a solution available in BIOS. Turn on the system, on dell logo press or tap on F2 key to go to BIOS settings page. Click on “Advanced” > Function Key Behavior.  When you click on [Function Key] there is an option to select Multimedia key and function key. Change it from whatever option is enabled. Then click F10 to save the settings and exit.

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  • Is there any solution from the Control Panel section?

  • YES! Or some other user-friendly way. How do I know? Because I did it! Can I remember HOW I did it? No! If anyone know I would love to be reminded as I want to switch back.


  • The "magic" program you might have once used is QUICKSET - a Dell modified "Windows Utility Center"

    As far as I remember press the Windows-key + x-key in Windows 7.In Windows 8 the same key combination gives you a menu to choose from different utilities - among them Windows Utility Center.

  • Search Windows Mobility Center and change the function key row

  • When i start my Dell laptop and press F2, I do not see "Advanced" to change Function Key Behavior.  Is there any other alternate to go back to conventional keyboard.

    I badly need to revert back to F2 function to edit my Excel cells.