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creating a dual boot system (windows-ubuntu) using project sputnik image in dell xps 13 (L321X)


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creating a dual boot system (windows-ubuntu) using project sputnik image in dell xps 13 (L321X)

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I have bought a dell xps 13 laptop (L321X) last week pre-installed with windows 7 home premium with the hope that I can create a stable dual boot system using the image from project sputnik. Now that I have been using the machine for a week, I have decided to get it going. I have got some questions not to mess up with the system:

1. Does the current recovery partition or the recovery usb I created from dell support center have mbr or bcd recovery? (It doesn't seem like they do, am I wrong?)

2. Is it possible to use wubi installer with project sputnik image?

3. I have read from somewhere that the current project sputnik image only supports erasing the whole hard drive including the recovery partition and installing ubuntu on it. Is this the case?

4. Will I have driver/hardware problems if I install wubi or a regular ubuntu 12.04 image? (kind of related to the questions above)

5. Is the current project sputnik image a stable release or is it under development? (something like a daily build)

6. Are any of the mentioned profiles (javascript, rails, android) out yet? If yes, where can I find them?

7. Will I get updates as regular ubuntu systems if I use project sputnik image? (I'm mostly curious about dell specific driver updates in case they are not patched to regular ubuntu or kernel)

8. Do I get my warranty wear out by installing project sputnik?

9. I'm planning to upgrade windows 8 when it's out. Given the discussions about secure boot stuff in windows 8, what do I need to consider?

I now there are a lot of questions above but given the fact that there are not quite much information about dual boot systems with project sputnik, I think this could be a comprehensive source for all people aiming this.

P.S.: don't have to answer them all in an answer ;)

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  • mayday mayday mayday... sputnik requests help.

    taken from the silence, I assume dual-boot is not supported / experimented yet. guess I will need to get rid of windows.

  • you may want to pose your question here:

    I'm not sure how often this section is trafficked by non-cosmonauts... i have to ask though... how's ubuntu running on the XPS 13 so far? did you get the 2nd gen (i5 4GB) or the 3rd gen (i7 8GB)?

  • I have a 2nd gen and it's working great. I have had zero driver problems so far including the multitouch with both horizontal and vertical scrolling (works even better than windows imo).

    I think the installation image was tweaked a little bit because it didn't detect my windows to give me an option for dual boot. It may still be possible to do this by manual partitioning and installing the bootloader to the corresponding section but I didn't want to bother. I also needed to install it for a second time because it did not install the bootloader to the harddisk but rather to the usb but I don't quite remember why.

    As far as the windows 8 goes, I tried to convince them to send me a standalone windows 8 installer but they said it's only possible to get an upgrade within the campaign. I have had my windows 7 backup usb but I doubt I will ever get a chance to do the reinstall..

  • nice -- glad to hear it! i have a 3rd gen coming in tomorrow, and i'll probably give win 8 its due for a day or two but my guess is that it won't last long...

    And FWIW, I spoke with a rep before deciding to go with Sputnik for the XPS13, and she said that your warranty is NOT void by installing Ubuntu. A hardware defect is a hardware defect, it's that simple. However, if you cause damage to the computer because of tweaking and end up burning your motherboard, I doubt that would be covered. But JUST installing Ubuntu on the laptop does NOT void your warranty AFAIK.

    Thanks for reporting back -- I'm stoked about my new comp. Can't wait to get some linux love on it :)

  • Glad to hear the warranty thing. The chances of burning a motherboard these days whether on linux or windows is I think pretty low anyways.

    It's a great piece of machine, I think you'll enjoy it. BTW let me know if you can that if it's possible to backup windows 8 to usb or something after the upgrade..