I can't turn off my screen on my Dell Inspiron R17?


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I can't turn off my screen on my Dell Inspiron R17?

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Hey all,

I have a problem with my laptop, I was busy with cleaning up my laptop(deleting unwanted software etc., weekly Virus scan and register clean-up) but today I was trying to press the button to turn off my screen(there's a row of three buttons one for a windows window to turn on and off wi-fi etc., the second calls Dell Support Center and the third one turns of the screen and lights up.) nothing happened. So I tried to turn of my screen with power saver(the third button for screen off will light up then, but after my screen was black and empty I didn't see the button giving it usual light, it was turned off..)

I use this button a lot since I really appreciate my privacy, does any of you know how to fix my problem? I am 100% positive it is a software problem, because when I turn my PC on it flickers like it always does. So the button is not broken.  

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Dell Quickset. To uninstall, click on start, control panel, programs and features, and uninstall Dell Quickset. Once its removed, use the below link to reinstall it.


    Thank you.