Inspiron Laptop - factory reset no admin password


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Inspiron Laptop - factory reset no admin password

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Inspiron Laptop - about 1 year old, had virus or rootkit, too much to remove, did a factory restore.

On factory restore "first time setup" I must have either typed in the user password (where you set the password for the first time) or something went wrong.

So now I have a factory restored laptop with 1 user, user is admin, but I do not know the password.

Every method I have tried to do another factory restore or unlock it requires this user password. Tried to get into Dell tech support chat for 3 days. Called in phone support. Sat on hold for 2 hours to get Dell tech support, told this type of issue not under warranty, switching me to software department. Switch. Software department closed. Call hung up.  Sigh.

All I need is to factory reset again without knowing only user password, or some other way to login and change password.  The only disk that came with it is a driver disk.

I do not have a password recovery file or disk or any other image back up.


It has Windows 7.

Any help?

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  • Hi numberjack,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Without the password you wont be able to get into the recovery options screen from where you can restore the system to factory settings.However you've mentioned " I have a factory restored laptop with 1 user, user is admin, but I do not know the password."

    Does this mean you're not able to login to the system? When you turn on the system it takes you to the login screen,do you use a password on this screen to login to the system?

    If yes, and if you've forgotten this password,than only way out is to use the Windows DVD to reinstall Windows manually.Since you don't have the Windows DVD,use this link below to request for copy of back up discs(For US region) :

    If no, and you login to the system by just clicking on the user name listed(without entering the password),than when you go to F8 screen,choose Repair my Computer and when you get to the screen to login in,select the user name(which you normally use to login) from the drop down and leave the password field blank,try to login.

    For steps to manually reinstall Windows refer to this link below :

    Hope this helps,

    Thank You

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  • the same thing happened to me, NumberJack. no matter wut i do it won't let me reset my old password. and i don't even kno my password reset itself :/

  • The passwords are doing their job.  Dell is not going, nor should they, help you hack a password.

    You can either do the following:

    - try to hack the admin password

    - If you don't remember setting it, there is a good chance it is "admin" or <blank>

    - You can get get a Windows Disk, delete the OS partition, then reinstall the operating system.  You should also be able to get to the image from their to.  Dell can send this to you,