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Need Phone Number or Contact Information for Dell Corporate Office****UNHAPPY CUSTOMER****


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Need Phone Number or Contact Information for Dell Corporate Office****UNHAPPY CUSTOMER****

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Can someone please help me? I have had huge issues with my "extended warranty". The Tech Support, Customer Care, Warrany, and Non-Warranty departments are not helping me at all. I had a Dell tech to my house some months ago to replace my motherboard and LCD. Since then, I had issues arise, so Tech support has me send the computer back to the depot for repair.

1. The cooling fan working intermittenly. (I dealt with this issues for a while because I couldn't afford to loose my computer for 2 weeks for the depot service.)

2. The face plate of the LCD has been loose for some time, shortly after my LCD was replaced (but again I dealt with it.)

3. The battery was charging itermittenly and upon investigation, the plug on the back of the laptop was becoming worn out. Mind you, this mother board is not that old, as I payed for a tech to come out and fix it.

4. The hard drive starts malfunctioning. The final straw, I call Tech Support and they did a great job trying to help me and talk me through it, but discover it is bad so they have me send it back.

Step 4 is where the trouble begins.

Once it gets to the depot, I am being told my computer has "physical damaged" and NOTHING is covered under the warranty. They tell me there is something wrong with the hinges and touch pad, among the issues I presented above. These were not issues when I sent the computer back for. I treated the computer like a baby. Never abused it, never dropped it, nothing. I have spent hour after hour calling every number in the Dell book and chatting with Tech Support online and no one wants to help. I am so frustrated. Being transferred from this dept. to that dept. Everyone I talked to repeatedly told me there is nothing I can do, no one else to call, and I am either paying or getting a broken computer...The last "manager" I talked to was rude to top this whole thing off. He told me "we'll send your computer back to you so you don't have to waste any more time on calling us". He was very arrogant and from what I can one cares about customer service anymore. The bottom line is this......they want me to pay another $370 to have the computer fixed. I have already put too much money in this thing. $650 (approx) for the computer and $193 for the extended warranty, $65. Not to mention any software or personal info I lost when the hard drive went. The computer might not even be worth what the repairs are at this point.

Here is a small list of my are my issues.

1. Should a power plug wear out in 6 months (new mother board)? Mind you, this is from normal use of the laptop. The warranty covers hardware failure. Personally, I would consider that hardware failure in a sense. 

2. The touch-pad and hinges were fine, that's not why I sent it back. Did something happen in the shipment? I will never know, they wouldn't check that either. I could get no answers

3. The computer mentioned here is actually a replacement  laptop that Tech Support sent me. I bought a new Dell at the Air Force Exchange, and within 6 months I had so many issues that one, they replaced it. Thinking back, I should have refused it, because my new computer was replaced with a "refurbished" laptop.

4. I became very frustrated. So I decided to ask for my warranty refunded. They refused that also.

5. I asked them if there was anyone I could contact to appeal this decision. Nope. No one.

6. I even ask them to fix only the parts that should be covered. Nope, not Dell's policy.

7. Now I have a broken computer on its way back to me.

I could go one with this list, but I will stop here.

Now I am upset and I am not ready to give up on this. I know I am in the right here.

I am a hard working person that pays his hard earned dollars for things. This is not my first Dell purchased. Although after the run around I got....who knows. Of the dozen or more people I have spoken with, no one cares to help the customer. Some don't even want to. I am a Purchaser for a company of 8 US factories, not including overseas. I have purchased countless laptops, monitors, desktop, and terminal computer from Dell. After being a loytal customer, this is very very dissapointing. Can someone, some where provide me a phone number in the United States that I can call? Any sort of complaint line or customer service in the states?  Anything would be greatly appreciated.





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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Send me a Private Message, click on my User Name, add me as a friend, and send me your Service Tag, Phone number and Address.

    Thank you.

  • Status Update.

    Spoke with Dell again today. They said that they will fix my hard drive and fan. Now I will still be recieving a computer back that supposedly has broken hinges, a screwed up power plug (which apparenly means a bad mother board), a loose screen faceplate that is the result of some "certified" technician that came to my house and left it in this condition. Again, these were not problems with the computer when I sent it to the depot. I ask to investigate how these issues happened, whether in transit or the slim chance someone at the depot was careless and dropped it (but failed to admit this). They refuse to do this. I need someone to please provide me with a phone number of a corporate office in the United States where I can address this issue. Can't they look up my chats and phone calls? UNBELIEVABLE. By the time I get this (HOPEFULLY) working computer back it will be 3 weeks. Can anyone provide me with some contact info?

  • I am having similar issues..... why is it so hard to tak to someone who can help.

  • Dell

    <ADMIN NOTE: Address removed per privacy policy>

    <ADMIN NOTE: Phone number removed per privacy policy>

    <ADMIN NOTE: Fax number removed per privacy policy>

    Toll Free: 800-289-3355

  • Dell

    <ADMIN NOTE: Address removed per privacy policy>

    <ADMIN NOTE: Phone number removed per privacy policy>

    <ADMIN NOTE: Fax number removed per privacy policy>

    Toll Free: 800-289-3355

  • Ryan hutt <ADMIN NOTE: Phone number removed per privacy policy> need you to call asap my computer is junk

  • One Dell Way RR1-53, Round Rock, TX 78682

    <Admin Note:phone number removed per privacy policy~RK>ph


  • <Admin Note:phone number removed per privacy policy~RK>is not the phone number for Dell Corp.  It is the phone number for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.  

    I wish someone would PLEASE provide the CORRECT telephone number for Dell's Corp HQ.

  • <ADMIN NOTE: Email address removed per privacy policy>


    Can you help with telephone number or email address for top management of Dell.   See message below:


    Data Update Request:

    Where: stocks -> people -> person.asp

    Company Name: DELL INC

    Your Name: Billy S. Summers

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email address & phone no.removed per privacy policy>

    Update Needed: This evening is 12.03.2012 - I have been trying with three call to contact a member of your senior customer service for over one hour plus.

    I have some major issue working with My Teach Team - Issues that I may want to cancle my $7,000 dollar limit with your company plus all services.  I currently have nine or ten Dell Hardware equipment plus a number  of software.   In the last fews months I have gotten two additional computers from other companies at a cost of over $3,700 dollars.

    Would you please have a member of your senior management or Mr. Stephen F. Schuckenbrock give me a call so we can work out these issues.

    Thank you

    <ADMIN NOTE: address removed per privacy policy>

    Billy Summers
    IT Contractor at Tek Systems

    Type of Data: Executives