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Dell Inspiron 5010 Display problem


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Dell Inspiron 5010 Display problem

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My university has started and I am having trouble with my laptop.

It is not showing any display after I turn it on. I can see the power lights but no display what so ever.

I have warranty but Dell people in Australia told me that you have to get ownership transfer to Australia first. I have filled the form for it but still need to use it urgently.

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  • Hi,

     Welcome to Dell community forums.

     I am sorry to hear about the No-Video issue with your laptop. Glad to hear that you have already filled the form for Ownership Transfer. So for the time being you can follow the below mentioned steps which might fix the issue or might solve your purpose.


    • Check the A/C adapter's power indicator light, if none try it on a working A/C outlet.
    • Adjust the brightness of the LCD screen, while the computer is on.

    (To Adjust the LCD Brightness hold the FN Key and Repeatedly Press the Up Arrow to increase the brightness. 
    or while holding the FN Key and Repeatedly Press the Down Arrow to decrease the brightness.)

    • Run the Laptop Built-In Self-Test (BIST).To run the Built-In Self-Test perform the following:
      • Turn the computer off.
      • Press and hold the D key while pressing the power button. This will start the BIST.
      • The screen will display multiple flashing colors. Look for lines, distortion, or any other video issues you have observed.
      • The laptop will restart when the test is finished.
    • Connect to an external monitor (if available), Once it's connected, press and hold down the FN and press F8, this should display the screen on the external monitor. When the external monitor does work it may be issues with the BIOS or Video driver or LCD screen itself. Verify that the BIOS and Video drivers are the latest available from .


    Please reply in case you have any questions.


    Thanks & Regards

    Dell Social Media Responder

    Thanks & Regards
    Debbie B