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computer problems

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When I type my password to login in it goes to where it says welcome but stays like that forever and never logs in . Its not froze because the little loading circle is still spinning. I dont know what the problem and I need HELP! Any suggestions to fix it? pr any idea how to fix it?

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  • Hi Lopin16,

    Welcome to Dell community,

    In response to your query, would suggest you to turn off the computer & remove all the external devices connected to computer for example mouse printer any external hard drive, if it is a laptop remove the battery & if it is a desktop unplug the power cable, press & hold the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds & then try to turn on the computer, you are releasing the flea power on the computer by doing so, if this does not work try starting your computer in safe mode, to do so press the power button, on the Dell logo keep tapping the F8 button which will take the computer to the safe mode.

    Let us know if this helps

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    Dell Social Media Responder