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heat dissipated from laptop


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heat dissipated from laptop

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hi everybody ,

i have a proplem with my dell laptop which is the large amount of heat dissipated by the laptop 

and i'm afraid that this can shorten it's life or damage something inside 

it's core is i7 

plz help me as soon as possiple 

thank u 

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  • eng.fatoom

    Welcome to the community.  Core I7 processors do get hot and can generate a good deal of heat especially if turbo boost is enabled.  The system should be able to safely exhaust the heat from the notebook without causing any damage.

    I am including a link on how to diagnose a system that may be overheating.


    Here are some notes on keeping up with maintenance on the system.

    You should periodically clean out the cooling vents with a can of compressed air

    Be on the look out on Support.dell.com for any BIOS updates that regulate how the fan runs.

    Run diagnostics on the system to verify if there are problems with the cooling fan.  Start the system tapping F12 and choose diagnostics. If you get the chance agree to run hardware diagnostics, choose symptom tree and choose the fan test.

    Just as long as you keep up on cleaning out the cooling vents,  I suggest using a cooling pad,  and periodically running diagnostics you shouldn't have to worry about heat issues.

    If your notebook is having symptoms associated with heat issues please reply back with the model of the notebook and I may be able to help.


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  • tb

    i use a cooling pad but it doesnt make any change

    the prob;em is that there is a specific  region get hotter more than other which is behind the touch pad

    i need to know which part of hardwares is there in order to detect the problem

    thank you very much