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Insiprion 6000, no boot sector available

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Here in Va we had some bad power outages and it looks like my dell laptop was shut down in properly when we lost power.  Now when I try to start up it gives me the "No Boot sector available on Internal Hard Drive" message.  I looked at my old software folders and I have a product key for Windows XP Home but no cd.  I actually don't even know if I received a cd because i have program cds literally for every software I've ever owned but this one and with me getting the laptop in 2006 and never needing it until now I cant recall if I actually ever had one.

I really wasn't trying to lose my Itunes folder with it being so old and having so much music on it I was just trying to get it to boot one more time so I can transfer the folders to an external hard drive until I pick up a new laptop.  Any suggestions on how to repair the laptop to the point it boots up and finds the operating system without a disc?

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  • Chances are the hard drive is toast - press F12 at powerup and run an extended diagnostic on the drive.

    If the drive fails the diagnostic, you'll need a new, 2.5" 9.5 mm EIDE (NOT SATA) notebook drive.  If you install a drive over 120G in size, you will need to partition it such that Windows is installed below the 120 G barrier.

    You can order a Windows CD here: