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Dell 14R Inspiron N4010 Fan Issue

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Hi everyone,

The background behind this is that the fan had heating issues and so I took out the fan and cleaned the inside with compressed air.  After that, I put everything back together.  The problem is that now it sounds like the fan is running at 100% all the time instead of gradually increasing speed as the temperatures get louder.  It seems like the fan control stopped working, when it's below 50 Celsius, the fan stays off, but once it runs over 50, the fan kicks in really loudly and brings the temp back down to 30, then it turns off again.  Is there a way to fix this issue?  Google doesn't seem to have a solution to this.  Thanks.

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  • You might have put everything back a bit different. However, it would be a good thing that the fan will only turn on once you get over 50C. That will definitely works for me.

    See what I mean?!