M5030 7 beeps


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M5030 7 beeps

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M5030 7 beeps

Dell Tech Support asking me to send in my computer for the third time in two months for the same issue…Each time they have replaced mother board processor etc….I requested a replacement laptop this time, but was told they would send a replacement only if they could not repair it…Not really sure at this point what they mean by repair it unless it means make it work for a few more days or until the warranty is up. I have no confidence in Dell Tech repair or in this M5030….Such a waste of money!

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    Sorry to hear about you concern. I can assure you Dell is doing something on this specific issue. Feel free to add me as a friend and I will be glad to assist you on your computer.


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  • ok so they had you send them a faulty laptop that YOU spent a lot of money on three times in two months and they (DELL) replaced the same faulty parts with more of the same faulty parts...but they won't send you a replacement until they can't repair it?......really DELL??

    so how many more times must a customer send in a brand new broken laptop they bought go computerless so you can't fix it?

    DELL your credibility is going south quick