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Home Page Goes To iGoogle Instead Of Dell News


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Home Page Goes To iGoogle Instead Of Dell News

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How do I get my home page back to Dell News instead of iGoogle? Thanks LCP

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  • LCP

    That can depend on what Internet browser that you are using.  If you are using internet explorer you can try the following steps.

    Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the website that you wish your home page to be.  Dell Newsroom for example has the following address content.dell.com/.../about-dell-newsroom.   Once your site has opened click on the Tools menu on the top of the page, often it will have the icon of a gear.  From the menu choose Internet options. Under the General tab it should mention home.  Check and make sure that the correct address is listed, then click Use Current and click apply or ok.   Close out of the browser and open IE again and it should open to the correct home page.


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  • LCP1963,


    Maybe this is what you're looking for.

    Dell Start Page





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