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Driver help :( PLS HELP, im desperate :( reply ASAP


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Driver help :( PLS HELP, im desperate :( reply ASAP

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OK first, my hardware-->

Graphics Card Manufacture-Powered by AMD
Graphics Chips-AMD Radeon HD 7650M
Device -6741
Subsystem -04C1
Subsystem Vendor ID- 1028
Graphics Bus Capability- PCI Express 2.0
Maximum Bus Setting -PCI Express 2.0 x0
BIOS Version-
BIOS Part Number BR039616.001
BIOS Date -2011/01/03
Memory Size- 2763 MB
Memory Type- HyperMemory
Core Clock in MHz- 485 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz- 800 MHz
OK, i am not really god at computer stuff, but here is the thing- I have a dell inspiron 14r n4110, and it has switchable graphics. so i bought this game called battlefield 3 and ran it on ultra low FPS - 10 fps. then i changed my setting to low and did many things to bring it up to 35 fps. but i went to the amd website recently and downloaded the catalyst 11.11c driver,hoping it would improve my performance. it did , it boosted it to 50fps. but after 2 days, everytime i run this game, it starts crashing after 3-13 minutes of gameplay. i rolled back to my high performance GPU, amd radeon stopped crashing but the fps were unbearable. so i when to download the driver on this website for my computer (dell) it was an update to amd radeon HD 7650m. i downoaded it and it was HORRIBLE. i ran at 17 fps. PROBLEM - i can rool back to my normal amd radeon HD 6630m. PLS help. if possible, tell me the best driver to run my game, THANKS IN ADVANCE. REPLY ASAP
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    Welcome to the Community,

    If you're looking for the AMD Radeon HD 7650M graphics card driver,use the link below to download the driver:

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Thank You

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