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Error code 0141 Msg error code 2000-0141 msg hard drive - no harddrive detected

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i'm not sure if the inpiron is still under warranty. is there any solution?

  1. data recovery?
  2. could it be a cable to the drive?
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  • It's worth reseating (remove and reinstall) the drive.  If it's still then not found, it's toast - if you need the data from the drive, data recovery -- which can easily cost over $2,000 - is the only option.

  • Very bizarre but after running the windows tests I managed to restart in safe mode and backup all files on a hard drive! Big hurdle achieved! Then restarted windows normally?! Do hard drives do this?

  • It can happen -- report the error to Dell and have them replace the drive under warranty.

  • Hi aa84,

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    The error code reported usually occurs when there is a concern between the Motherboard, the hard drive and the hard drive connector. Either one of these can cause this error to come up. As you said that the computer is working fine now, you can try running the diagnostics again. If there is not error message reported, we are then good to go.

    However if there is an error message locate, we will have to reseat the hard drive to ensure that all the connectors are in place. Once done, if the error message comes up again, we will might have to replace the hard drive.


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